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Best Activity Cubes to Develop and Entertain Your Child

Imagine one developing toy containing all essential learning activities. That would be an activity cube designed to enhance toddlers’ skills through engaging and enjoyable play!

Anatex DMP9014

Basic Skills

The Anatex play cube is recommended for kids over 2 years old, however, it will appeal to children of all ages. The engaging toys available will provide hours of fascinating play. At the same time, they will also help improve visual tracking, fine motor, and other skills of your kid. On one of the cube sides, you will find wooden blocks with alphabet letters, numbers and colorful pictures. To make learning more exciting for your child, try naming things and animals out loud now and again. You will be impressed with the results! There’s also an abacus in the cube that you can use to teach your kid color recognition before it’s time to start with math. On the top of the cube, there’s a mini roller coaster with dozens of beads of different shapes that move up and down a wire. As you can see, the Anatex Deluxe play cubes contains all the necessary features to promote and develop learning skills of your child.

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EverEarth EE33285

7 Faces of Child’s Development

If you are looking for something more than a conventional play cube, this model is for you. The EverEarth EE33285 garden activity center has eight sides, seven of which provide different engaging toys to promote your child’s learning skills through intriguing play. On the top of the cube, there’s a classic maze with beads that move up and down the wires. On the sides, you’ll find two types of abacus: horizontal and vertical, each containing its unique interactive elements that will teach your kid his/her first math skills in an entertaining way. Using of the maze wire will help enhance your child’s fine motor skills and hand-to-eye coordination. It’s worth noting that the cube of this size will suit well families with two or more kids.

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VTech Alphabet

Maximum Benefit

Now let’s pass on the VTech interactive play cube! Within the same price range, you’ll hardly find a better cube with such a great number of engaging toys. Besides interactive features, your kid will have a chance to get engaged in many manual activities moving beads up and down the tracks, sliding little objects, opening and closing window shutters as well as turning gears. All these activities have educational benefits and can help your child enhance fine motor skills. What a great time your little one will have, looking at themselves in the mirror installed on the top of the cube in the form of the sun. For enjoyable and effective learning, the manufacturer has included 13 double-sided alphabet blocks, allowing your child to familiarize with letters. Moreover, your young architect will be able to stack the blocks unit’s top or use them for building castles. What is important, there is a storage for them inside the cube and several put-and-take holes on its side. This will help you teach your kid to keep his/her things in order.

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ALEX My Busy Town

Made to Last

Produced from solid wood, the ALEX Jr. My Busy Town activity cube will last for years to come. The cube contains all the features you’d expect from a developing toy: a curvy bead maze, racing car rollers, ABC tiles on horizontal wires. On one of the sides, you’ll find a spin-and-match toy: two combinations of wooden blocks with pictures of animals on either side. By flipping these blocks, your kid will be able to match colorful lines of figures, improving his/her decision-solving skills.

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VTech Sort & Discover

Spin the Pointer

The first thing you will notice right away when looking at the VTech Sort & Discover activity cube is an interactive and colorful spinner with a pointer at the top face of the cube. Turning this pointer towards the pictures of animals illustrated there, your kid will start to recognize them, while once he/she presses the yellow button, he/she will hear its name and the sounds it makes. In addition, the cube offers a whole bunch of sliding, rolling and flipping activities. Here you will find all sorts of colorful beads and small-sized gears that once they touch one another start to spin, creating a captivating optical illusion effect. Not to mention a pretty little monkey that climbs up and down the trunk, a bird that flits about the treetops and fluttering butterflies! All these elements contribute greatly to the correct coordination of muscle and hand movements. One more welcoming feature of this model is a sorter with four shape blocks, easy for little fingers to grasp. Thanks to the storage inside the cube, all the little pieces can be neatly arranged, preventing the mess.

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