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Best Air Rocket Launchers and Kits for Endless Fun and Entertainment With Your Kids

Not sure how to make your kids leave the computer for at least several hours a day? Get them an air rocket launcher and see a complete change in their behavior. These rocket kits have already won hearts of millions of children worldwide and, without a doubt, they will find their place in your child’s heart. Consider our review of the best stomp rockets available and choose the one to please your son or daughter.

Marky Sparky Blast Pad

One of the Best Kits to Start Launching Planes and Missiles Right Away

When parents spend money on expensive toys, their main concern is durability of a toy. If the toy consists of too many tiny parts, the chances are, the little one may easily forget some of them behind. However, this will not be a case if you hand your child the Marky Sparky Blast Pad Missile Launcher. Equipped with a special base for storing accessories, it will keep all parts at hand, giving you a piece of mind that none of them is going to be lost during play. The Marky Sparky Blast Pad Missile Launcher comes with three air rockets, a base for attaching a launch tube, and a sprinkler valve. The package this full enables you to go start launching your first rockets seconds later after you unpack the box. The launch tube here is telescopic, allowing you to launch rockets from 31 feet height up to 125 feet skyward. The missiles that come with the kit are made of superior-quality heavy-duty plastic with foam tips that withstands easily shocks and drops to the ground. Due to the vertical position of the launcher blasting missiles only 9 degrees either way round, the rockets soar in your view and always land nearby. The Marky Sparky Blast Pad Missile Launcher can make a perfect gift for any child of the age of 8 and up. If you’ve been contemplating what present to give your son or daughter for the next Christmas, do not hesitate longer and get them this perfect missile launcher.

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William Mark AB001 Air Burst

Harness the Burst Power Flying Rockets As You Wish

Never before could a toy boast of such serious performance as the William Mark Air Burst Air Powered Rocket Launcher can. Powered by air and with 5 pressure level settings, this unique air burst kit can launch rockets at altitudes up to 1,000 feet. The power is maintained with a regular pump (car or bike), however, you will need to make sure you’ve got one, as it is not included. Once the power reaches the highest level, it makes a booster disc inside a tube burst and send a plane or rocket in the air up to the desired height. The replaceable booster discs come in two types the combinations of which allow you to experiment varying the altitude of each flight. It is fair to say this rocket launcher isn’t quite safe and requires adults supervision. It is also not recommended for children who haven’t reached 10 years of age. However, if your child is older than that, you will definitely make him or her happy, handing your teen the total control over such immense burst power.

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D+L Company Ultra Stomp

Entertain Your Kids Blasting Missiles All Round

The Ultra Stomp Rocket Kit holds the leading positions on the chart of the most popular toys bought on the eve of Christmas and boasts of amazing flying capabilities that can entertain both kids and their parents. Designed for children of 6 years and up, it is yet able to launch missiles up to 120-130 feet skyward, which is phenomenal for a kid’s toy. It doesn’t require any fuel or battery, all it needs is some air to power up and send airplanes high in the sky. The Ultra Stomp Rocket Kit comes with 6 lightweight plastic rockets, however, be ready to purchase more, as they tend to get caught in trees and fly out of view landing in remote locations. Like we said, the kit is suitable for kids older than 6 years old, but it’s still advisable not to leave children launching missiles without an adult’s supervision.

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Stomp Rocket 20005 Jr. Glow in the Dark

Let Glow-in-the-Dark Rockets Split the Dark Evening Sky

Having been in the market for over 25 years already, Stomp Rocket has gained an immense experience in satisfying kids’ needs and their most bold desires. In the range of Stomp Rockets are only the best air rocket launchers designed for children of all ages. For this review we’ve decided to pick its 20005 model, a glow-in-the-dark air-powered launcher that magically magnets all kids by its fantastic glowing against a dark evening sky. With the launcher like this at hand, you and your kid will always be in the center of attention. Entirely made of soft foam, the Stomp Rocket 20005 is totally safe for children, including little ones of the age of 3+. However, your help will still be required. The installation of the Stomp Rocket 20005 presumes assembly which you will need to do before your child can go see the rocket blast. The height to which the launcher can send rockets up in the air isn’t too big, making around 100 feet, yet we doubt very much your kid of 3+ years old will ask for more.

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Stomp Rocket 20888 Dueling

Challenge Your Kids. Foster Competitiveness

The Original Stomp Rocket  Dueling is the best choice for families with several kids. Buying this one launcher, you can challenge two of your kids, encouraging them to hold duels and compete with each other, seeing whose rocket goes higher. Fitted with two launch stop pads, kids will not need to wait for their turn and will be able to launch two rockets at the same time. The package includes 4 rockets and an air-powered launcher, requiring no batteries or fuel. Once you put it together, connecting a launcher tube with a base, it will be ready for play. The Original Stomp Rocket  Dueling kit is designed for kids of 6 years of age and older. It’s made of heavy-duty plastic to withstand different weather conditions and comes with soft foam tips to keep rockets from damaging. However, since rockets often get lost soaring high in the air, we suggest you buy several more in advance or make some paper airplanes of your own.

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