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Best Baby Mobiles

Do you wonder how to lull your baby to sleep or keep entertained? It’s not really a problem with a variety of cutting-edge baby mobiles widely available nowadays. Create the nursery of your dream where your little angel will feel homey and secure! Read our review for more details.

Tiny Love 33313024

Merry Melodies

This extremely attractive Tiny Love Soothe ‘n Groove Baby Mobile will certainly take its rightful place on your baby’s crib. The baby musical mobile has an impressive selection of melodies in 6 music categories: jazz, world, nature, classic, lullaby, and white sound. So, you can choose from a variety of lovely melodies according to your child’s mood! In particular, calming white noise sounds help soothing and lulling your baby to sleep. Also, every parent will definitely enjoy the possibility to adjust the volume or turn on a “shuffle” mode. With this brain-boosting and skill-building educational toy, your baby will learn to recognize the tunes and let you know about their favorite ones. Moreover, a large monkey button will capture your baby’s attention, especially after they realize their ability to change melodies without parents’ help by pressing this button. The two operating modes are well-suited for both lulling your baby to sleep and entertaining. It’s undoubtedly a perfect choice for parents who are looking for functionality and fascinating pastime for their little ones.

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Fisher-Price K3799


Dragonfly, monkey, parrot, and frog made of a soft plush material in the Nature & Animal theme are perfect for the nursery decorated in a tropical forest style. With baby musical mobile, your little one will enjoy lots of various fun baby games and activities as well as get acquainted with the outside world. Well, to start with, you can play peek-a-boo game with your baby. One would think that such simple game is just for fun, but peek-a-boo is included in some tests to identify the cognitive and psychological disorders in preschoolers. Also, this game helps the child explore the laws of nature through a play, teaching them that things don’t appear or disappear on their own. The moving palm leaves open and close while a dragonfly plays with your kid peek-a-boo. This game will keep your child busy for a long time, as they simply won’t be able to take their eyes off such fascinating performance. Besides, the Fisher-Price baby mobile has a positive effect on your baby’s visual development, motion coordination, and perception of the world, which is really essential for every parent.

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Manhattan Toy 212810

Scientific Approach

The design of various baby mobiles and toys from Manhattan Toy Wimmer-Ferguson infant collection is based on the research on infant vision development. With this in mind, the Manhattan Toy Wimmer-Ferguson Infant Stim-Mobile with reversible cards and colored patterns has been designed. According to the research, black and white high contrast images are the most stimulating colors for newborns, which help develop and focus their eyes on one thing over the others around. However, older babies will benefit from bright and simple images, which easily attract their attention, contributing to their visual perception enhancement. The cards are labeled by age to guide you with recommended graphics according to your baby’s age. This superb Manhattan baby mobile will keep your kid amused and preoccupied as well as help learn new skills for their further development.

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Tiny Love 33313025

Fits Any Crib

When it comes to selecting the best baby mobile, you may face some problems with attaching it to your baby’s crib as different cribs require different types of attachment. However, with the Tiny Love Take Along baby mobile, you won’t have to worry about it. The adorable bright-colored plush butterfly, bumble bee, and flower will delight any child while 5 soothing melodies will help parents lull their baby to sleep. The universal attachment for stationary use makes this baby musical mobile well-suited for almost any pack-and-plays, bassinets, and strollers. Basically, it’s quite easy to attach. Clip the mobile to a hard, sturdy edge of the crib at the bottom of the connector arm. Do not attach the baby mobile to a soft material edge. Turn the ring at the connector arm clockwise to tighten. Your little one will become friends with amazing plush toys, which is a great way to develop social skills during the first 5 months of life. While your baby is growing up, these friendly colorful toys will also help develop their visual perception and motion coordination. And the lovely music will have a positive effect on auditory perception and sound recognition skills.

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Just Born 2387L

Create Ideal Nursery for Your Child!

It goes without saying that every parent wants the best for their kids. The Just Born baby mobile has been designed with love and care to help you create a comfortable environment where your little one is going to spend quite a lot of time. Becoming a happy owner of Just Born baby products like matching furniture sets, accessories and other home decor items, you will create a really safe, comfortable, peaceful, and functional environment, which is vital for your child’s healthy sleep, growth, and development. Incredibly light and soft whales and anchors made of plush create a picturesque composition of the marine theme, matching well with your baby’s nursery room. Additionally, there are 11 color solutions available for Just Born baby mobiles of this type to fit a wide variety of interiors. Thus, this beautiful hanging toy will be the first step in creating your dream nursery!

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