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Best Balance Bikes

Want your child to learn how to ride a bike without losing balance on two wheels? Get one of the balance bikes we’ve reviewed for you and make the transition to a real bike for your kid fun and an easy job.

Strider Classic

Start on the Right Foot

The Strider Classic Balance Bike is the best vehicle for teaching your kid how to balance on two wheels. Owing to its balanced frame and optimal seat and handlebar arrangement, the bike keeps stable on a road and ensures a better position for a kid, providing him/her with enough room for stretching legs and walking. The important choice criterion for any balance bike is that its design is convenient for a child and balancing on it isn’t a difficult, tiring job. This is where the Strider Classic Balance Bike ticks all boxes. Similarly to regular bicycles, the Strider Classic Balance Bike can be adjusted along the height and can keep “growing” with your child for as long as he/she’d like to ride it, which also makes this bike a good investment in a long run. According to manufacturer, this balance bike can be used by children from 18 months up to 5 years of age. The model is also available in a variety of colors so that your child could pick the one he/she likes better. We’re more than convinced you will be like us and will love the Strider Classic Balance Bike to bits, along with its attractive, modern design, ergonomic design, and high-quality material composition.

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Schwinn Balance Bike

Looks Like a Push Cycle, Hence no Pedals

The Schwinn Balance Bike looks pretty much like a pedal cycle which may help your kid switch to an ordinary bicycle mush easier when the time comes. We like everything about this bike starting with its high-quality build and ending with a cushioned seat and durable air tires. The tires on the wheels are especially notable for their excellent wear and tear allowance and exceptional all-year performance on all types of terrain. Yet, you wouldn’t be able to give this bike for a kid younger than 2.5 years since the pedal cycle design presumes that a child can not only stand firmly but also steer a wheel and take control over a bike, even if it comes without pedals. The manufacturer states the use of the bike should be limited to kids of 2.5 – 5 years old. When your child grows, you can adjust the height of the seat and provide your kid with more room for his/her legs. The notable flaw of this bike is that it’s not particularly lightweight, yet, its biggish weight has also added to its durability and robust design. The metal frame of the bike isn’t prone to deformation or bending and can serve you in a long while no matter what. The foot platform is just the right size to allow convenient feet accommodation and also not make pushing the cycle a challenging task. In our opinion, the only thing that requires improvement in this bike is adding the covers on the bolts of the wheels. Being located not much farther from the platform, they may easily get in the way one day and scratch a leg of a cyclist. This problem can be avoided, though, if you think of protection in advance and cover them with some kind of padding, to ensure that your kid’s riding is safer and less traumatic.

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KaZAM v2e

Unalloyed Pleasure

The V2e balance bike from KaZAM company is the upgraded version of their original Classic bicycle. It is designed with an improved lighter frame that makes the bike less heavy if compared to a previous model. Thus, it is easier for a child to walk the cycle and take it off applying less force. What else has been changed in the bike’s design is a footrest shape. Now, it’s become much easier to run the vehicle shaving past the footrest. Since the seat is one of the most important parts of a bike, the manufacturer has thought it out to the tiniest detail and created to be soft and to absorb vibrations better on all types of terrain.Thanks to its adjustability option, the V2e balance bike can be used by your kid for several years with ease, yet, it shouldn’t be given to a child younger than 2 years old. Compared to many other balance bikes and those reviewed in this article, this one features a different set of tires made of lightweight EVA foam which is suitable for riding on concrete pavements and off-road.

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Glide Bikes EZee

Everything is Under Control

This miniature run bike is designed especially for the smallest children who just learn to ride a bike. The given bike features a low frame, quite small 12″ tires, and an adjustable seat post that can be extended further 11 inches when your child grows. For enhanced stability of a bike on a road, the manufacturer has installed quite wide tires. The foot pegs here are adjustable and can be completely removed if your child ever complains he/she doesn’t feel comfortable with them anymore. Speaking of the safety features, the Glide Bikes EZee bike’s fitted with a brake system allowing even beginning cyclists to learn to balance on two wheels and control the bike with confidence. For a kid’s comfortable grip, the handlebar has been covered with the foam pads that also adds to the safety of riding by absorbing shocks, vibrations, and impacts. The Glide Bikes EZee bike can become a great buy for families with really small kids who’d love them to learn to balance on a bike and switch to a proper bicycle in an easier way. The pedal style design of the bike allows much more natural transition and makes it easier for a kid to try out different riding styles and develop his/her confidence on a road.

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Diggin Wooden

Eco Balance Bike

This balance bike doesn’t look a regular model at all as it’s been produced entirely of wood. Sounds something pretty special and different, isn’t it? On top of the unique and solid design, this bike is also 100% safe for use of children and eco-friendly. In all other respects, the Diggin balance bike offers the same functionality as most of the other balance bikes. The seat pole here, being made of wood, is still adjustable and can be raised to fit elder kids. The tires aren’t massive but allow comfortable cycling for kids of 2.5-5 years of age which is basically expected from a balance bike. We’ve made a note of excellent amortization properties of the tires that don’t let the handlebar to turn on its own during sharp turns and provide better maneuverability. In our opinion, though, the main advantage of the Diggin balance bike is the turning limiter feature which on top of robust wooden construction restraints the movements of a handlebar keeping it within the same, safe radius your kid can control.  With no shade of a doubt, the Diggin wooden balance bike is a special product and worth a special attention. If you’re a committed parent who knows the value of eco-friendly goods and wood in particular, this bike will surely come to your liking. It’s not only a safe choice but also a great way to set your kid apart from the crowd giving him/her a bike that won’t go unnoticed.

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