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Best Balsa Wood Gliders for Backyard Air Superiority

Help your child conquer the air space of your backyard. His/her Air Forces will be defined by what Balsa Glider you are going to choose. Here are 5 top airplanes we’d like to recommend.

S&S Worldwide Balsa Wood Glider

The More the Merrier

One of the most distinguishing features of this item would be a number of models in one package. When you purchase this item, you get 36 ready-to-fly gliders. You could also look at it as a glider plus 35 sets of spare parts in case something breaks. This means you won’t have to buy new packages and spend even more money. In addition to that, 36 gliders are more than enough for you, your children, and even quite a few friends. Nobody will have to fight over a permission to have some fun with these birds. Furthermore, you can draw on this wood not only with special tools but also with regular markers. The plane itself can fly amazingly far for its size thanks to balsa wood. These planes glide and land well when launched properly.

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Guillow Fly Boy Model Kit

Even More Possibilities

The Guillow Fly Boy Model Kit differs from all other gliders by its propeller and landing gear. The propeller will help the plane stabilize during the flight and the landing gear will make sure plane stays intact after landing. The wingspan of this model is 21″ so the plane won’t start descending moments after the launch. Most of its details have to be attached with glue and not just inserted in the right slots. That’s why we would recommend this glider to people who have at least some experience with modeling. In addition to that, you won’t need to do a paint job, as its wings already have a logo and its propeller and landing gear are already colored red. The package contains everything you will need to assemble the plane, even the glue.

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Guillow Balsa Wood Flying Machine Kit

Back From the Old Days

Back in 1925, Guillow’s was the first company to start manufacturing wooden airplane models for kids. Those models were capable of flying, imagine how much joy children had with such a toy back in those times! Today we have a completely different generation, never cease to be fun.

This model shares a design with its original predecessor, both the landing gear and the propeller are in their places. The glider is capable of flying for 12 to 15 seconds covering 250 to 300 feet. A so-called rubber band motor that spins the propeller is what makes the airplane travel so far. If you are not sure how it works or how you should launch the glider, you can always turn it upside down and see a detailed instruction on the back of the wings.

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Be Amazing! Toys Sky Blue Flight Giant Wright Flyer Model Kit

Keep in Touch with History

This Be Amazing! Toys model has the Wright brothers name for a reason. This airplane is actually an exact copy of one of the first airplane prototypes in human history. What other reasons does your child need to fall in love with history classes? This unique model has two propellers making it fly further and land without any troubles. Even comparing it to the biggest airplane models out there, this glider seems pretty big. Its wingspan of 19″ in combination with two rear propellers makes it possible to use the plane even in windy weather. It can travel for 120 feet and as long as 12 seconds. It will only take about 45 minutes to assemble the airplane, which is much faster than with other models. In addition to that, manufacturer printed a QR-code in the paper instruction that will take you to a walkthrough video of assembling and launching the plane.

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Guillow Balsa Eagle Glider Guillows

Simplicity and Reliability

This specific model is one the most simple ones on the market. Yet, being simple is not necessarily a bad thing. First of all, simple model means it won’t take much to assemble it or replace some parts. Secondly, its simplicity will help you better understand how the balsa gliders work. Soon enough you will know what you want from your airplanes and what to look for in future purchases. This model is just perfect for beginners who don’t really know what they might want from it. Except fun, of course. The manufacturer says kids of eight years are able to assemble it all by themselves. None of other planes can say the same, that’s for sure.

As for the design, this model already has all the parts painted. There are an eagle and the model’s name — Eagle (F-15) — on its wings and also a ready-to-fly pilot in its cockpit. It would be fair to say that it’s the only manned model on the market.

If you want to start your modeling career from scratch or maybe get something for your child that they would be capable of toying with all by themselves, this item will suit your needs.

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