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Best Dinosaur Toys to Get Closer to Prehistoric Times

Dinosaurs! The monsters that ruled the world millions of years ago and that manage to terrify people even today, from our cinema and TV screens. Frightening but so fascinating. So many good dinosaur toys are offered today but which are the best ones? Let us tell you.

Zoomer Jurassic world


Any Jurassic World movie fan will be delighted to have the copy of Indominus Rex, a hybrid dinosaur created from the DNA of several other powerful monsters, who could scare the hell out of any cinema visitor simply with her roar. Zoomer Dino made their robot dinosaur toy unbelievably realistic, from her looks to the authentic movie sounds she makes. Moreover, this is just one dinosaur from the whole collection of similar robotic toys created by Zoomer Dino. With a whole collection of dinosaur toys by this company, the owner will feel like they visited the Isla Nublar themselves.

The toy comes with a Numbered Certificate of Authenticity and the dinosaur has a “JW” signature on its hip to prove that it is the real thing. Zoomer  Jurassic world  Robotic Indominus Rex is recommended for the kids over 5 years old but will also be a great gift for an older Jurassic Park franchise fan.

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Fisher-Price Imaginext

Prehistoric Games

Fisher-Price’s big T-Rex toy is a real find for your kid’s entertainment. It’s set includes not only a robot dinosaur toy itself but also 3 Imaginext® cavemen figures with helmets and a whole variety of other accessories like a ladder, a seat to sit a caveman in the monster’s mouth to control it, a cage for captives, etc. The control is really simple, any kid will handle it easily. There are three power pads that spur it into motion: the bottom one activates walking stomping loudly, the middle one makes the T-Rex stand up to its full height (which is pretty impressive, 2.5 ft), and the topmost pad is for the dino to open its mouth and roar, flash its eyes and spikes, make its enemies flee as fast as possible. With all this, your kid will have tremendous fun for hours and hours.

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EIAIA 3 Pack Take Apart

Dinosaurs, Assemble!

You will find two completely different types of dinosaur toys in this set, aimed at different development directions. One would inspire your kids’ creativity and thirst for exploration as the 3 out of 6 dinos can be disassembled and then assembled back. A possibility like this will help develop imagination, eye-to-hand coordination, and fine motor skills. Besides, it will busy your child for some time, allowing you to do some chores or, alternatively, get some rest. Just keep in mind that this part of the set includes small pieces so it is not recommended for kids under 3 years old or those who tend to try and taste everything they touch: choking hazard is not a joke.

There is a set of 3 toy screwdrivers included specifically to take these dinosaurs apart and then assemble them back—after all, it’s not like you can give a real screwdriver to a child. Cute and bright, they will make the process entertaining and will teach your kids some understanding of the simplest mechanics (like, what kid knows how to use a screwdriver at 3 years old? Yours will!). The imagination will have a field day, the kids will be able to assemble the dinos in any way they like, realistic or not. As a developing toy, this part of the set is a blast.

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Prextex Assorted Dinosaur Figures with Dinosaur Book


Any kid truly invested in the prehistoric will be happy to receive this set of bright realistic dinosaur toys. Made of sturdy vinyl plastic feels almost like skin when you touch it. Each of the twelve figurines represents a certain dinosaur species, they all look different. There is a famous Tyrannosaurus as well as less known Ankylosaurus and Baryonyx. Your kids will not only play with these toys but will also have the opportunity to learn new things accompanied by friends. The dinos are the size of an adult palm, kids will hold them with ease but won’t think them too big. Just perfect to activate and develop children’s imagination, widen their vocabulary, and, of course, find new friends.

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Jurassic Park Tyrannosaurus T- Rex

The Well-Known Rex

Jurassic Park was a big boom in 1993, and a lot of its success is rightfully attributed to Tyrannosaurus Rex. Today, that’s the most popular dinosaur for toymakers. The Hasbro company had license rights to the Jurassic Park themed toys up to a year ago before losing them to Mattel and they produced quite a number T-Rexes. But this one is something else entirely! It’s as realistic as they come. The high-quality plastic combined with rubber inserts on the throat and tail recreates every skin crease and makes the dinosaur toy move very realistically. Tiny forelimbs move as does the mouth, and there are really scary real-looking claws on the T-Rex’s hind limbs. There is only one small drawback when it comes to this robot dinosaur toy’s appearance: you can see the bolts on the left side of the dino’s head. But this shouldn’t discourage you, this is a great toy that kids and adults alike enjoy.

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