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Best Electric Go-Karts

Whose child wouldn’t want to drive a little? Kids always want to act like adults and driving is among the first things they would love to try. Why not give them a chance to do so? Get an off-road kart to entertain your child and let him participate in almost real racing.

Razor Crazy Cart XL

Ready for the Crazy Ride?

We have to upgrade our review, as the bestselling Razor Crazy Cart is now available in eXtra Large size. Unique in its class, this electric kart has received an improved, sturdier, larger deck frame that makes it even more suitable for adults than the previous model in a series. Now, you can share your kid’s kart racing hobby by getting this model for yourself.

Anyhow, the frame can support enormous 240 lbs and features an elevated seat. Without it, a tall person would have to lean forward way too much in order to sit on it. There are several key features worth mentioning that will help you take the lead on the track. Namely, the steering wheel has a full 360° rotation, allowing you to find the perfect steering angle on turns. Next one is the drift bar that will help you overcome your opponents on the insides by controlling the drift.

Finally, the chain-driven motor is another part that was given an upgrade. Put the pedal to the metal and speed up to the maximum 17 mph on the flat road. But beware, there’s no break, so be safety-wise and at least wear a helmet. In order to stop, release the pedal and pull the drifting par. That way, the go-kart will turn around, lose its momentum, and stop.

Concluding, we can recommend this model to everyone who is old enough to drive it. Also, if you are a go-kart track owner, having a couple of these will help you attract more adults to your place.

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Razor Ground Force Drifter Fury Ride-On

Breathtaking Performance

Along with the elaborate name, this Razor Ground Force Drifter Fury Ride-On electric go-kart can boast a thought-through design for balanced performance. The high-torque chain-driven motor allows reaching the 12 mph maximum speed in a matter of seconds. A pair of 12V batteries are enough to power it up for around of 40 minutes of continuous driving. The recharge takes around 11-13 hours.

Next, let’s take a closer look at the wheels. The front pair is controlled with a U-shaped steering wheel. The rear ones have the Super Slide POM tires that have advanced road adhesion and offer additional maneuverability while taking fast corners and drifting. The neatest feature here is a Spark Bar. By pulling a side bar handle up, its other tip will produce fiery sparks behind the kart that look immensely cool at dusk and nighttime, resembling the sparks. As for the safety, this kid go-kart is well-built, has a safety belt, and also has a brake lever on the steering wheel for deceleration. The kart is very stable on the road, so the risk of bowling over is minimal. Still, we urge the kart drivers to wear a helmet and elbow guards on the track.

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Razor Ground Force Drifter Kart

Razor Ground Force Electric-Go Kart vs Ground Force Drifter Kart

Ground Force Drifter Kart is another cool toy under Razor brand. And of course, we cannot fail to compare and contrast this model with its predecessor – Razor Ground Force Electric-Go Kart. These two go-karts share the same technical characteristics but still have some differences. First of all, let’s look at their affinity. These models are both based on a solid steel frame that guarantees excellent vehicle’s stability on a road. Both karts are equipped with high torque motors which produce the speed of about 12 MPH and feature equal run time of about 40-50 minutes on a single charge. Each electric go-kart is equipped with 24V (two 12V) sealed lead acid rechargeable battery system that requires 12 hours of charging. The produced speed is pretty decent for children of 8 years and up, kids will get their portion of adrenaline rush and you will not worry too much of their safety. We would like to emphasize that both electric go-karts feature variable speed throttles and hand-operated braking systems that are located on a steering wheel. It means that even a novice small racer will learn how to control the kart in seconds since hand-operated acceleration and braking systems are much easier for children than the foot pedals. But what’s the difference between these karts? If you look at Ground Force Drifter Kart rear wheels you will clearly see that it has another type of tires. The producer decided to equip the new go-kart model with Super Slider POM tires which are meant to change driving style dramatically. To specify, a calm driving turns into crazy racing with pulling off power slides, bat turns, 180s, and fish tail slides.

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Razor Crazy Cart

Drift, Ride, Have Fun!

Razor Crazy Cart is highly commendable among the number of reviewed electric go-karts since it is designed especially for speed, fun, and adrenaline rush addicted racers. The very electric go-kart resembles an amusement ride and is nicknamed “Crazy cart” not without a reason. So, let’s get into the nuts and bolts of this crazy vehicle. The electric go-kart is based on a solid steel frame with a pneumatic front tire that is connected directly to a steering wheel. Additionally, there are two anti-tip caster wheels on the front corners of the go-kart and dual rear caster wheels in the back connected to the drift bar. And this is where the crazy magic happens. When you are driving normally the rear wheels are angled about 45 degrees but when you pull up the drift bar you send the electric go-kart into a 360-degree spin. The racer can vary the caster wheels’ angles so that they can slide in any direction and the vehicle may drift forward, backward, sideways, diagonally and everything in between. The electric go-kart goes up to 12 MPH, this speed rate doesn’t seem that fast but due to low-slung styling and low clearance a racer feels like he is scorching along. What makes this go-kart far crazier is that there are no brakes! To stop you just take your foot off the gas pedal and the engine will slow down. We bet that if you get Razor electric go-kart for you kid, you’d definitely try to race on it yourself! The manufacturer has seen along and designed an electric go-kart for adults that is able to race faster and can hold bigger loads. Thus, purchase the Razor Crazy Cart for your kid and a bigger one model for yourself to contest and get a real crazy thrill.

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Hover Go Kart for Hoverboards

Transform the Hoverboard

As the hoverboards become more widespread, it’s only natural that people have designed several accessories for these devices. One of them is this Hover Go Kart for Hoverboards by Hovergogokart. Simply put, it’s a frame with the seat that has no rear wheels. Instead of them, you attach the hoverboard to it and then control with two long levers on the sides. A single small caster wheel in front is 360° rotatable.

Although the idea might sound a bit silly at first, we were actually impressed with how easily they work together. Most of the hoverboards have at least 5 mph maximum speed. By combining this frame with a more powerful model, you can get a go-kart with around 8-11 mph speed. Thus, it will show the best result on the wavy tracks with lots of corners where the high speed is not required as much as a maneuverability. Speaking of it, the steering is done by pulling up or down the side levers that are attached to the left and right parts of the hoverboard. Note, the frame can only withstand up to 220 lbs load, which is an average supported weight of a hoverboard. The pole and backrest can be adjusted for kids and adults who are up to 6’2″ tall.

Overall, it is a great solution if you have a hoverboard but want to race with your friends. With it, you can get pumped up for the race and get the rushing adrenaline feeling while riding all the same.

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