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Best Electric Motorcycles for Kids

If you have a motorbike and your kid wants to ride like you, buy an electric motorcycle for him! We have reviewed 5 best electric motorcycles to help you pick the right model for your little racer.

MotoTec MT-Dirt-500 Electric Dirt Bike

Wow! Is It Really for Kids?

Reading reviews and looking at the photos of MT-Dirt-500, it is hard to believe that this electric motorcycle was designed for teens. It looks like a real motorcycle! And truth be told, its parameters are not those for small kids. This is a smaller copy of a motocross bike and it is intended for teens of 12 years and older. Being equipped with a powerful motor, this motorcycle is able to take a run at up to 16 mph. This is an impressive speed, considering the size of the motorcycle. Two 12V / 12Ah batteries serve as the power source and enable riding for up to 40 min on a single charge. Riding time depends on a speed, and actually, at lower speeds MT-Dirt-500 is able to retain the charge for up to 1 hour.

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Razor Pocket Mod Miniature Euro Electric Scooter

The Cutest Rider

The well-known US Razor company offers a Pocket Mod scooter for kids. Painted in lilac, this electric scooter will be an excellent gift for girls of 12 years and older. And there are other colors as well, so any kid will find what they want. Having sat on this electric vehicle, your daughter will be the cutest and the brightest rider! Made in classical Italian style, the scooter has a simple and reliable design. This practical Razor Pocket Mod electric scooter has undergone a lot of crash tests and meets all international safety regulations. A high-quality assembly and smart design of this scooter will please any little lady for a long time. Someone plays with dolls, while someone dreams about a scooter.

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Razor MX350 Dirt Rocket Electric Motocross Bike

Bad Roads? No Problem!

MX350 is a smaller copy of an off-road motorbike, and it is called a Dirt Rocket for a reason. It is designed for earth and grass and will allow rookie riders to make their road dreams come true. The large 12″ pneumatic knobby tires will conquer any road surface without any loss in power. Based on many online customer surveys regarding this electric motorcycle, we can claim that it’s been designed not just for fun. Razor MX350 can come out a great vehicle for novice riders who’d like to gain skills in motocross and other off-road sporting activities. If your kid is a fan of sports and vehicles, he will surely appreciate this one! Reaching 14 mph of speed, he will leave the other riders to eat dust from under his tires. Unlike gasoline-powered motorcycles, this electric motorbike needs no maintenance and fuel refilling and offers up to 40 minutes of riding.

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Jetson Electric Bikes Junior

Easy As a Bicycle

When children look at their parents, they try to imitate them in every little way. Thusly, they come to wish for having a personal vehicle. Having glanced at Jetson Junior E-Bike, any lad would dream about such a cool gift. Buy this electric motorcycle for your kid, and you will surely grant them a ton of happiness. This motorcycle is an excellent alternative for a bicycle, since it is very light, weighing only 48 lbs. Besides, the riding time is 50-60 min on a single battery charge. The battery charge indicator will let you know when the motorcycle needs to be charged. As for the speed, the motorcycle takes a run at up to 12 mph. Safe for children! The manufacturer claims that the motorbike is fit for children of 8 years old and older, although everything depends on the kid’s physical abilities. Therefore, we strongly recommend you to supervise your child and provide a protective equipment for the riding.

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Dynacraft Surge Electric Dirt Bike

Surge Electric Dirt Bike or Razor MX350?

This Dynacraft model can be freely compared with Razor MX 350. These electric motorcycles are almost identical, designed as motocross bikes. Having the same technical characteristics, these motorcycles are perfect for riding over earth roads, dirt, and grass. 12.5″ wheels with a deep tread will overcome any road challenges. Wheels this large don’t lead to power loss on various roads and even when riding uphill. Sitting in this electric motorcycle, your child will conquer any lack of roads and will feel like a king of the hill, quite literally. The electric motor has a mediocre power but allows for acceleration of the bike up to 14 mph and 30-mins drive. Unlike Razor MX 350, this motorcycle is equipped with a shock absorber on the rear wheel for better riding over jump ramps. As for the rest, there’s no particular difference except for design.

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