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Best Kids Pianos to Play and Rehearse

Playing is a key activity for discovering and developing children’s talents, especially when talking about tickling the ivories. Being a fun and engaging toy, a kids piano is probably the best instrument to introduce your child to music.

RockJam Compact Digital Keyboard Piano

For Beginners and Advanced Musicians

Effective training is the key to success for any future pianist. That is why, the very first thing aspiring musicians of all ages need is a quality instrument, just like this RockJam model. To ensure comfortable play, the purchase includes an adjustable keyboard stand and a music stand for your notes, iPhone, or iPad. You can download the Piano Maestro teaching app with 30 songs for free to make mastering the instrument as easy and fun as possible, it will be a good addition to the preloaded 8 demo songs. Moreover, the device has an ergonomic LCD screen with teaching modes to provide you hints on the keys and cords to press as well as on the correct tempo. Additionally, the box includes removable key note stickers that will make identifying keys an easy task for beginners.

This portable digital piano can be used both corded and cordless; an AC adapter is included in the box. The unit has an input for plugging in headphones (though not included in the box), so your young pianist will not disturb anyone while practicing. When it is time to perform the piece before the audience, you can take pleasure in listening to the concert through the built-in stereo speakers or use an external output to connect larger speakers.

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Schoenhut 30-Key Fancy

Little Piece of Art

This toy musical instrument is so elaborately made, and so much resembles a concert grand piano, it is sure to promote a sense of beauty in young music lovers (the toy is intended for 3-year olds and up). The durable wooden housing is covered with a black lacquer finish, and both the grand piano and the included bench have elegantly curved legs. This model not only meets but exceeds EN17, ASTM, and CPSIA standards. Though the unit needs to be assembled by an adult, when put together, it is sturdy, durable, and safe to use. Easy-to-follow step-by-step instructions come with the box.

The item has wide keys that will help your little one to learn proper finger placement. As you press the key, a small hummer strikes a metal rod inside the toy creating a lovely chime-like sound. Though the grand piano for children is a toy, it is perfect for mastering their first simple songs. The purchase comes with a patented Tri-Play Learning System and a “Play by Color” songbook that will make the learning process fun and effective.

To make a long story short, the Schoenhut baby grand piano is a wonderful addition to a stylish children’s room. Buying this educational toy is a great way to introduce your child to the piano.

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Best Choice Products Kids Electronic Keyboard

Play and Learn!

If you want to boost your little one’s creativity through engaging play, this Best Choice Products model is just what you need. The first thing you will notice is the cheerful design of the kids piano and stool. Its brightly-colored chair, stand, and keyboard will attract your child’s attention and incite their interest in hitting the keys. Recommended for children of 3 years old and up, the unit will not only make sounds, but it will also light up as your little one hits the keys. This captivating interactive toy has 37 color-coded keys to help little learners get basic piano skills. With 8 rhythms, 6 drum beats, 4 animal sounds, 8 different instruments to choose from, and even a mike to sing to the tune, your little one will make his/her first steps in composing. What is more, there is a record/playback function for listening to the recorded tunes any time you want. This compact kids piano weighs as little as 4.6 lbs and is powered by 6 AA batteries. Just keep in mind that the batteries are not included in the box.

All in all, it is a wonderful interactive toy to keep your little one engaged and entertained. More importantly, the small piano will promote a love for music that can grow into a vocation.

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Melissa & Doug Learn to Play Kids Piano

For the Best Playing Experience

In case you seek a toddler piano that looks and feels almost like a real one and has a reasonable price, this mechanical model is just what you need. This Melissa & Doug piano features 25 keys and 2 full octaves, enough for beginning pianists to investigate high and low sounds, learn the layout of black and white keys, and even master simple songs. With an included illustrated songbook and color-coded key chart, identifying notes and learning new pieces will be child’s play! These first lessons will come in useful if your little one decides to continue learning the piano. Stimulating creativity in all its forms is essential for balanced development and playing with a musical toy is a great experience even if they don’t.

This eye-catching toddler piano has a cheerfully colored wooden housing that will attract your young pianist’s attention. The recommended age range is 3-5 years, however, there are lots of songs that skilled parents can play for their kids. This piano is, certainly, a baby toy, and its sound is not like that of its prototype, however, it will do a good job as a first musical instrument. Even more, while promoting fine motor skills and love for music, it will make a great present for any kid.

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PicassoTiles Flexible Digital Music Piano Keyboard

For Kids of All Ages

Just look at this PicassoTiles model! If you have been looking for an eye-catching, durable, and portable digital piano keyboard, here it is! Recommended for babies over one year old, the device has a bendable design and can be rolled up for easy storage. Needless to say, it weighs next to nothing.

This electronic piano has been made to become your little one’s favorite toy for years to come. It is great for making first steps in learning to play the instrument as well as improving skills further. The keyboard has 49 standard keys covering 4 octaves, which allows performing quite a broad repertoire. To make the learning process engaging and exciting, there are 6 demo songs and 8 varied tunes (including church organ and electric guitar) available. The polished songs and new melodies can be captured and reproduced owing to a record/playback function. A built-in speaker and an external speaker port allow performing family concerts. Moreover, this port can be used to connect earphones for comfortable rehearsing without bothering the neighbors. This portable electronic piano can be powered by 4 AAA batteries (not included) or used corded (both USB cable and a power adapter come with the box).

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