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Best Kinetic Sands for Giving a Shape to What’s in Your Mind

All the amusement of sand beach without any mess right in your house… It’s all about kinetic sand! 100% of fun and none of the hassle! It can help your small architects and sculptors boost their creativity and develop fine motor skills.

Waba Fun Kinetic Sand

Bring the Magic Of the Beach Indoors

It’s quite a usual thing to build sand castles with your kid whenever you are on the beach, yeah? But what about creating sand sculpts in the comfort of your own home? With 11 pounds of the Waba Fun Sand, the possibilities are endless! It consists of quartz sand and has a natural consistency, so your kid won’t even notice the difference.

All the sand grains stick to each other pretty well, thus, the sand isn’t messy. Moreover, it’s not oily and leaves no stains on furniture, clothes or floor. Due to non-fluid materials used for its production, there is no chance for bacteria to start growing. So unlike the natural sand, it’s completely safe to use. However, mind that the manufacturer recommends buying it for 3+ children, as younger toddlers might try to taste the sand.

Overall, it’s a great set to bring the beach right to your home! Stretch the sand, watch it flow through your fingers, and create everything that comes to your mind!

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CoolSand Kinetic Sand With Inflatable Sandbox

Dream of Every Young Architect

The CoolSand is not just a package of sand but an excellent kit to motivate your child to build sand pyramids, castles, and so on. In addition to 2.2 pounds of sand, the package contains 10 different molds that will stimulate your kids’ creative skills and allow them to create whatever they want.

The best part is that the set also includes an inflatable sandbox. At 24″ x 18″ x 2.5″, it’s pretty roomy and comfortable to play in. Plus, it won’t let your kids create mess all around. When they finish, all you have to do is release the air and pack it inside a plastic bucket (included in a set). Speaking of the bucket, we would like to point out that it has a convenient handle for transportation. To make sure you won’t lose anything, the bucket lid can be snugly closed.

The sand doesn’t dry out nor leaves any greasy stains on skin, furniture or clothes. All the ingredients are eco-friendly.

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National Geographic Ultimate Play Sand

Take Sand Play to a Whole New Level!

National Geographic is widely known for publishing their own magazine with scientific articles on geography, nature, science, and history. However, not everyone knows that they also create toys that can help their young readers develop certain skills. This product is one of them!

The sand is available in three bright colors to choose from. Also, you can select 2-, 6-, or 12-pound packages. All the ingredients used are for its production are not toxic, so nothing will harm your child’s health. The sand doesn’t stain hands, clothes, and other surfaces. The set also contains a tray for sand storage, as well as 6 exciting molds for your child to create various sculpts.

The sand is elastic, meaning your children can easily build anything they can imagine. As it doesn’t dry out, it has an unlimited lifetime. The only thing you should keep in mind is that it’s for 3+ kids only.

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Kinetic Sand Kinetic Sand with Sandbox and Molds

Perfect Kit to Explore the Sea World

This kit will definitely become a huge hit in your home! Your child will be able to explore the sea world and get acquainted with its inhabitants, as the set includes seahorse, fish and turtle molds. The kit also includes one more special mold that will give your child a chance to build an underwater sandcastle. All molds are made of multicolor plastic to help your little explorer learn colors.

The set contains 1 pound of purple sand, and that’s why all sculptures will look as bright as your kid’s smile. As a bonus, the package includes a plastic sandbox tray that has a sea pattern to complement the sea theme. The whole set is really safe as it’s made of non-toxic materials only. As colorful as it is, the sand doesn’t leave any stains or dye marks on skin or furniture.

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Kinetic Sand Shimmering Kinetic Sand

Kit for the Whole Family

This fantastic set won’t leave you indifferent! Its bright shimmering blue sapphire color will surely attract your attention. Furthermore, the manufacturer also offers the sand in other magnificent colors such as Emerald Green, Purple Amethyst, and Black Onyx. Therefore, you can get different sets to create your own palette.

The package does not contain any trays, buckets or molds, however, you can safely use the sand on any tabletop, as it does not leave dye marks. All its ingredients are completely safe for kids’ sensitive skin, so you can stay calm watching your children building sand castles.

Although the sand does not leave any stains, the sparkles might sometimes get on your hands. Worry not about that! They can be easily washed off with hot water. Buy this product for your little ones to build anything they imagine, and who knows, maybe sooner or later you won’t be able to resist the temptation to join your kids.

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