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Best Laser Tag Guns

Laser tag gun sets let you set up arenas anywhere you want and enjoy awesome matchups between your friends and family. The best laser tag guns are versatile, practical, effective at long-range combat, and can really immerse you in the game.


The Most Complete Package

TINOTEEN Infrared Laser Tag Guns Set with Vests is the most complete package on the list. The set is packing four excellent guns and equally impressive vests. Starting with the latter, the vests incorporate elastic bands with latch hooks, making them easy to put on and suitable for different frames.

The pistols are great too. The 150-feet effective range will give you a solid competitive advantage over your opponents. You’ll be able to set up matches using much more sizable playgrounds, making the game more expansive and exciting.

Above the trigger, you will find two buttons. The first button will let you switch teams, nothing unusual about that. The second button will let you switch weapons. Though pistols give you 12 shots, every hit will make the opponent lose only 1 point. Shotgun and machine gun, on the other hand, pack 6 invisible bullets but take away 2 points when you hit your target. The rocket launcher gives you only 1 chance to make the shot but, provided you don’t miss, you’ll be able to wipe away your opponent’s 3 points.

Plus, look at these pistols. From the aesthetics perspective, these are easily the┬ábest laser tag guns we’ve looked at.

Bottom line, TINOTEEN Infrared Laser Tag Guns Set with Vests will make the game much more engaging and exciting. You’ll be able to turn various environments into suitable battlegrounds. The colors are pretty cool and the sounds are clear and realistic enough.

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Nerf Phoenix LTX Tagger

Set the Arena Anywhere

Nerf Phoenix LTX Tagger is no joke. These two guns are more than suitable for children (ages 8 and above) and adults alike.

You have this red receiver dome on the top where the tags are registered. This dome flashes red when it’s tagged.

There are no lock-on/detection indicators here. You can’t tell the player’s allegiance by pointing their tagger.

Above the handle, the pistol’s tagger incorporates this massive light and a built-in rumble pack that flash and shake when the tagger is fired/tagged. In other words, the rumble pack lets you know when you have been hit. At the same time, the recoil component engages with every shot fired, making the game feel more dynamic and immersive.

Other than that, these blasters come equipped with strength and ammo indicators above the handle. You can also select the weapon’s strength, making these pistols fun and versatile.

The biggest difference though is that these guns use class 1 LED infrared lights. You won’t need any vests, pinnies, or ammo to play. You won’t have to bother with cumbersome extra clothing. There are no darts to lose here. Players will not have to stop to reload.

In short, with Nerf Phoenix LTX Taggers, the arena can be anywhere. You can use these laser tag guns to battle inside the house or spread out outside for epic matchups.

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Affordable Fun

DYNASTY TOYS Family Laser Tag Set is the most affordable product within this lineup.

The guns don’t look as cool as their more expensive competition and the actual effective range is usually shorter than the advertised 100 feet. Other than that though, we’ve no major problems with the set.

The layout is pretty standard, with two buttons above the trigger that will let you choose the team and select your weapon. You have these team and life indicators above the aforementioned buttons that make sure you’re able to control the battle.

The tactile vibrations are robust but, at the same time, not annoyingly so. The shooting sounds are surprisingly lifelike considering the affordable price tag.

You won’t need vests to play. The guns come equipped with class 1 LED infrared lights. They’re able to shoot as well as receive hits.

In addition to 4 pistols, the package includes this nice little target robot bug that you can use to practice your aim. The bug flips when it is hit. Two seconds after that, the robot rises up and continues his relentless crawl.

In other words, DYNASTY TOYS Family Laser Tag Set will let you set up epic battles without any major financial/effort investments. This is an especially great set for kids.

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Play22 Original

Aesthetics Too

Play22 Original Laser Tag Set keeps things pretty traditional. The set packs four guns and four vests. The vests look cool too but we especially like the pistols’ aesthetics. Incorporating these sharp and detailed profiles, the pistols really elevate the overall experience, especially as far as the younger audience is concerned.

Functionality-wise, we’ve seen these pistols before. There are two buttons above the trigger that you can use the switch between teams and weapons.

The weapons system is fairly standard: the pistols let you shoot 12 times and take away 1 point, the shotgun and machine gun give you 6 bullets but wipe away 2 points, while the rocket launcher will let you blast once but remove 3 points.

The team and life indicators on the sides are nothing we haven’t seen before.

The tactile vibrations are really strong. You’ll always know when you’ve been hit. The 130-feet effective range will let you utilize massive spaces and extend the battles’ landscape.

People with larger frames might have issues putting the aforementioned vests on, that’s the only weak link here as far as we’re concerned.

In closing, Play22 Original Laser Tag Set is as complete as these sets come. You won’t need anything else besides the weapons and vests that come with the package to arrange fun and exciting matches.

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MESIXI Infrared

Everything You Need

MESIXI Infrared Laser Tag Guns Set is everything we’ve seen before but made more affordable. The set is as complete as they come. In addition to the standard package (four pistols and four vests), you receive four protective glasses and tactical masks.

As you would imagine, these masks will make the game much more immersive and engaging for kids, while the glasses will make sure the games have no real-life consequences.

The guns are pretty conventional. Featuring flickering lights, booming sound effects, and tactile vibrations, these pistols will make sure to keep the game fun and exciting. The only issue we have here is that the so-called ‘booming’ sound effects are relatively loud and can get annoying pretty fast.

We really like the guns’ build though. The grip is comfortable but, at the same time, firm and secure. The non-toxic ABS plastic composition makes these things safe and durable.

The vests give you nine lives. The weapon select button above the trigger will enable you to switch between different weapons and take away these lives with whatever weapon you deem fit.

To sum up, MESIXI Infrared Laser Tag Guns Set is easily the most complete set within its price bracket. The kit is equally suitable for commercial and home use.

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