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Best Playhouses to Keep Kids Entertained

Children need some private place, somewhere they can hide, play, gather, and have fun! And a playhouse is a spectacular way to provide your little one with such “shelter”. It can not only entertain your kid but also develop imagination and communicative skills. A win-win choice for every family!

Backyard Discovery Summer Cottage All Cedar Wood

Enjoy the Advantages of a Wooden Playhouse

The Backyard Discovery Summer Cottage is made of 100% cedarwood and looks extremely natural and attractive. Having quite an impressive weight of 150 pounds, the house is best suited for stationary installation in a backyard. And you won’t need to worry about the rainy weather, since the house is treated with a water-repellent chemical-free stain absolutely safe for children. Plus, the cottage boasts the UV protection, so neither mold nor sun rays can damage it. The great news is that the house can be upgraded over time; you can polish the surface and refresh the protective coating whenever you need. Supplied with prefabricated panels with drilled holes, this small cottage is extremely easy to assemble. Note that the house can withstand bad weather and temperature drops, yet the manufacturer recommends to remove plastic parts and accessories if the temperature falls below 32 °F. So, made with a blend of high-quality materials and luxurious design, this playhouse will bring your family happy memories for years to come!

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Little Tikes Deluxe Home and Garden

Use Your Imagination

This playhouse for kids is generously sized (80” x 37″) and consists of three elements – the house itself, the fence, and the table. So, before buying, prepare ample space in your backyard for it.  Also, we would like to point out that all the accessories included are made of high-quality plastic and they are pretty large for toddlers.

The cute light fence is fitted with a mailbox with a flag to provide your young postmen with lots of fun, playing post office games. Inside the house, kids will find a yellow bench with a hammer and screws. These inviting details will encourage your child to have a go at building and improve his/her hand-eye coordination skills. Another interactive detail, a kitchenette with working clicker knobs, will fascinate both boys and girls with cooking for long hours. All in all, it’s a fantastic toddler playhouse to let them act just like mom and dad!

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Step2 Neat and Tidy II

A Cozy Cottage

This Neat & Tidy Cottage II looks almost exactly like a real grandma’s summer bungalow! The exterior of the cottage resembles stone and wood, and the house itself looks very welcoming thanks to a lantern “illuminating” the way. Light green shutters, red door, blue grill … just everything in this house is spectacular and designed with incredible detail. Open the windows to let the sunlight in, and, instead of a windowsill, you’ll find the molded-in flower box for real or artificial flowers. If necessary, this box can be also used for different small stuff.

The cottage is great not only from the outside but from the inside as well! Funny pictures, a fireplace, and a wall clock create a super comfortable atmosphere. It’s also noteworthy that the plastic floor is fitted with drain holes, preventing water stagnation after the rain. So, your child will receive an exciting place for outdoor games in any weather!

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My Very Own House Coloring House

6 Simple Folds

If you are looking for a compact and easy to assemble playhouse, the My Very Own House Coloring Playhouse is definitely the best pick. This cottage with a door, shutters, and even a chimney can be installed literally anywhere since it’s made of cardboard and has a very small weight. Additionally, it comes almost pre-assembled, and you’ll need to make only 6 simple folds to set it up for play or collapse for storage. Simple and fun!

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Playz 3-Piece Kids Play Tent Tunnel

Take This House With You

Soft fabric tents are no longer something off-beat in many nurseries since their benefits are numerous! The Playz 3-Piece Kids Play Tent Tunnel has all them. It’s lightweight and easily foldable to a tiny size, which is perfect if you don’t have enough space in a nursery for keeping it installed permanently.

This tent is also an excellent solution for outdoor use, and its assembly will take just a few minutes. A light fabric bag with a zipper comfortably accommodates all 3 pieces of the playhouse (tent, tunnel, and ball pit) for easy storage and transportation. So, you can take such a playhouse with you on a picnic or a visit to grandparents. The material this playhouse is made of is extremely easy-to-clean and strong enough to withstand vigorous kids’ games. Therefore, your baby can safely crawl through the tunnel, jump into the pool, hide in the tent, or play basketball with friends.

If you’re hunting for a playhouse that will be with your kid at all times and in all places, giving your little one long hours of joy, this Playz 3-Piece Kids Playhouse is the one you really need!

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