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Best RC Airplanes to Get You Into the Sky

Remote control airplanes are always about fun and enjoyment for people of any age. These are the RC planes that have dragged such a huge number of people into an exciting RC vehicles hobby. Once you get into it, it will become your family hobby too.

HobbyZone RTF Airplane

Dream. Explore. Fly

Most RC airplane experts and skilled RC pilots recommend beginners to start their flying experience with easy-to-control and compact airplane models. The Champ RTF Airplane from HobbyZone is just the one in point. This aircraft comes fully assembled and ready to fly. Once you take it out of the box, you can proceed to practice your flying skills and enjoy your first flights.

With a classic yellow retro design, it looks amazing and embodies the plane most of us dreamed about as kids. Thanks to an overall length of 14.3” and a wingspan of 20.3”, the Champ is very flexible and mobile. Made of impact-resistant EPO foam, it features a lightweight and rugged construction, while a compact 3-channel transmitter, being easy and convenient to use by both children and adults, ensures a responsive control. In addition, there is a landing gear for a smooth, jerk-free landing.

As maneuverable and durable as it is, it will deliver an unforgettable flying experience. Consulting the instructions from the set, you’ll learn to fly like a pro in almost no time, even if you’ve never flown before.

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PowerUp FPV Paper Airplane VR Drone Model Kit

The First Ever Paper Drone!

For almost anyone, a paper plane is a sweet memory from the childhood. Shai Groitein, CEO of PowerUp Toys, took it a step further. On basis of a paper plane design and modern technologies, he invented his first flying drone – the PowerUp FPV. The RC airplane kit contains 8 template sheets, a carbon fiber polypropylene frame with a twin motor, a Wi-Fi module, and a camera, so you can fold your own paper plane and transform it into a real drone. A built-in rechargeable battery ensures a 10-minute flight from a single battery charge. The battery can be charged via a microUSB cable, and a full charge takes no more than 90 minutes.

To dispel your doubts about durability and functionality of this model, it’s necessary to highlight that under the weight of 2.8 oz, the PowerUp drone can speed up to 20 miles per hour, offering unmatched agility and maneuverability. Meanwhile, a crash-proof bumper will securely protect its lightweight paper body from damages.

You will also be impressed with an innovative control system. Unlike the majority of RC toys, this one has neither transmitter nor remote controller. All you need is to have your phone or tablet on you, install an app and use it as a gamepad control.

An Autopilot function will come useful when flying the drone in windy conditions. Though the controllable range is limited to 300 feet, it is more than enough to experience the thrill and fun of RC flying.

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HobbyZone Sport Cub S


When it comes to the Horizon Hobby, the last thing you’d doubt is the quality of their products. So, if you need a plane that will demonstrate great performance capabilities and will serve you a while, consider one of the company’s recent models of RC toys – the HobbyZone HBZ 4400 RC airplane. Featuring a stylish Mike McConville design, it’s an attractive replica of a popular Cub Crafters Sport Cub aircraft.

In the box, you will find everything to go fly it right away: an aircraft, a radio transmitter, batteries, and a charger. This is one of the best airplanes for beginners that requires neither experience nor assembly.

Made of a first-class EPO foam, it’s distinguished for its lightweight yet durable design. A powerful electric motor ensures an impressive speed and climbing performance even in high winds, while a steerable tail wheel makes its take-off and landing much smoother.

The HobbyZone HBZ 4400 set includes a convenient DSMX® 2.4 Hz transmitter for efficient and comprehensive 4-channel control, including an elevator, a rudder, an aileron, and a working throttle. Highly responsive controls, a flawless connection between a transmitter and receiver, ease of use, and beginner-friendly features are only a few of the numerous benefits that speak in favor of this model.

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PowerUp Smartphone Controlled

A Perfect Tool to Learn the Principles of Aerodynamics

Just think about, some paper planes can fly to the distance over 150 feet. Challenged by annual competitions organized by Red Bull, engineers constantly improve technologies and come up with new ideas how to enhance RC aircraft design. The PowerUp 3.0 plane is one of the novelty solutions that we’d like to tell you about in more detail. Basically, this is a hand-made airplane but with a potential of big and expensive RC models. You will only need to fold a plane using a simple sheet of paper and pair it with a durable, crash-proof Smart Module (included in the box). Once that’s done, install a special app on your phone and go fly your paper drone! As simple as that! To learn to control the plane, it’s recommended that you start to fly it in the large open areas under no-wind conditions.

A tiny built-in battery (to be recharged via a micro USB cable included in the set) will ensure a 10-minute flight at the speed of about 5 miles per hour. A really good result for a paper drone!

A practical plastic carrying case will make a nice and useful addition to the kit, allowing you to keep it in safe and transport it with more comfort.

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E-flite RC Airplane with Safe Technology

Conquer the Sky

If you seek a premium-quality beginner model for maneuverable long-distance flights, the Apprentice S15e is for you. Out of the box, you get everything to fly it and no more accessories are required. As for a scale model, this plane has pretty impressive dimensions: (42.5” (overall length) x 59” (wingspan) that add to its stable flights and make it more visible against the sky.

Like you’d expect from a toy of such a size, the Apprentice S15e is equipped with a powerful 15-size, 840Kv brushless outrunner motor which can endure high loads and in a combination with a 3200mAh rechargeable battery, provide up to 15-20 minutes of fly from a single battery charge.

The Apprentice S15e is made of a unique Z-Foam™ material that adds to its rugged yet lightweight design. As a result, you get a powerful flying machine with superior aerodynamic properties and unmatched agility. The only thing you might find a bit frustrating is that this plane requires initial assembly and adjustment. However, the assembly is a real snap and won’t take you a lot of time and efforts. Besides, it will make an exciting introduction to an airplane modeling if you are a newcomer to the RC flying hobby.

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