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Best RC Blimps

Are you running out of ideas of how to surprise your little angels on the upcoming holidays? A new RC blimp flying around the house will surely leave them breathless! Check out our review of the 5 most popular models of the RC blimps and choose the one that best suits your kids’ taste, age, and preferences.

ZEP-AIR Explorer RC Blimp

Let Your Inner Child Out To Play

ZEP-AIR has released a real airship that will fly around your home and fill your kid’s heart with positive emotions. In fact, not only kids but also many adults will be fascinated and amazed by this RC toy and its versatility. There is a reason why they say that there is a child in all of us. Even most sophisticated and serious people are merely children inside. See for yourself, but we believe that most parents will find this toy irresistible. Having allowed your inner child to take over, you will enjoy playing with this RC toy and sending sweet messages or small gifts of love to your loved ones.

If you keep wondering how this miraculous toy can be used, then we can say that everything depends on your creativity. Feel free to use your imagination to the fullest and come up with exciting challenges and competitions to entertain your family and friends.

The rescue play accessories thoughtfully included in the kit will enable your kiddo to conduct a thrilling rescue operation. With the help of a special hook, he will be able to pick up a lightweight object and move it to the desired location. The incredible multiplayer mode will allow your child and his friends compete with each other and fly up to 4 RC blimps together.

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Plantraco RC Micro Blimp

UFO In Your Living-room

If you once happen to notice an unidentified flying object in your living room, then do not rush to assume that the aliens paid you a visit. It may well be just a new RC toy for your child, namely RC Micro Blimp from Plantraco.

The manufacturer claims that this RC blimp is the world’s first RC flying saucer that can be controlled over Bluetooth from your smartphone.

We also want to note that unlike many similar RC blimps, this model does not run on ordinary AA or AAA batteries. It is powered by a lithium-ion battery that can be recharged via the Micro-B USB cable. In our opinion, this is quite convenient, since there is no need to keep spending money on additional elements of the power supply.

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William Mark Air Swimmers RC Flying Shark

Battery Powered Predator

In 2011, William Mark company created a real stir at the exhibition of toys in New York. They introduced their RC shark toy and instantaneously made a sensation. In fact, its realistic appearance, smooth floating in the air, and a large size create the impression that a real predator is approaching you from the depths of the ocean. The view of the shark dazzles not only naïve or so-easy-to-fool-around children but also adults.

As for the control, it is very convenient and extremely simple. The remote control allows you to steer the shark as only your heart desires and easily direct it up and down, or turn it all 360 degrees around. The tail part is furnished with an integrated operating unit, which makes the tail move and steers the shark in a desirable direction.

The flying shark runs on 4 AAA batteries: 1 of them powers the body and 3 batteries are required for the controller.

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William Mark Air Swimmers Angry Birds

Angry Birds In Da House!

As it turned out, your kid can now play with the popular cartoon and game character Angry Bird not only on PCs, tablets, or smartphones but also in real life. Thanks to William Mark company, the Angry Bird character got a new life, and now these trendy birds can race and compete not only on the screen but also in the wide-open space of your living room.

This toy will be an excellent addition to any kids’ party. Moreover, if your children are young admirers of the Angry Birds’ games or cartoons, once they clap their amazed eyes on a real thing floating nonchalantly around their bedroom, they will surely be breathless with astonishment. The Angry Bird will make a great addition to your kid’s birthday party or any other gathering of the little troublemakers. We guarantee your kids’ party to be a real blast, as it will be impossible to tear them away from the floating-in-the-air Angry Bird! It looks so bright, colorful, and realistic that it will completely immerse the kids in the atmosphere of a game and bring the angry birds’ magic to life.

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William Mark Air Swimmers RC Flying Clownfish

Finding Nemo

It is impossible to find a child who would not be delighted with a sweet and lovely cartoon movie “Finding Nemo”. Imagine a quiet Saturday afternoon, when you and your kids immersed yourselves into watching Finding Nemo and then a real Nemo clownfish swims into your living room! Your toddlers will be over the moon with joy and excitement!

Now the dream of every child can come true, as the protagonist of this wonderful animated movie can now soar and dive in the air right in front of your toddler’s eyes, or suddenly pop up to greet your honeypie on a birthday morning.

William Mark presents to your attention the RC Blimp in the shape of a clownfish. This flying fish swims very smoothly and realistically, giving you the feeling that you are in a giant fish bowl, aquarium, or in the depth of the ocean. In a word, life-like swimming motion of this clownfish creates an indescribable feeling and unbelievable sight, which can fascinate not only children but also many adults.

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