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Best RC Boats

It does not matter whether you are an adult or a child when you want to have some fun with toys. That is why a remote control boat or an RC boat is a great option to have fun with when spending your time near a water reservoir. Check our top 5 RC boat models review and choose the best for you.

Top Race TR-1200

A Domination on the Water

Top Race TR-1200 RC Boat is a professional-tier RC boat model, which is best for the children above 14. Its most attractive feature is a tremendous maximum speed, which is almost 1.5 times higher than those offered by competing models of this type. When running on the water this electronic wonder can speed up to 30 miles per hour fascinating you and your kids. This impressive speed is achievable owing to a high-power brushless motor installed on the TR-1200 RC boat. This powerful electric heart that beats inside the boat is cooled down with a special cooling system, which implementation significantly prolongs the boat service life. This one of the fastest RC boats is controlled remotely with a 4-directional radio remote control offering an operation range of 300 feet maximum, which in our opinion speaks of an excellent performance. The remote control enables you to control the forward and backward movement of this Top Race RC racing boat as well as turning the boat left and right. No doubt the TR-1200 boat is rated among the best devices of its class but if you enjoy playing with it much and find the 10 minutes of its battery life too limiting we recommend considering the Floureon 2 Packs 3S 25C 11.1V 2200mAh Lipo Battery Pack, which allows you to replace the depleted battery quickly.

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Traxxas 38104-1

A Unique Design

This boat will definitely stand out from the rest. The stylish white hull with blue sides is combined with the hatch with a fresh new graphics that looks very attractive on this RC boat model. The 24-inch length of the model is perfect for use in large swimming pools. Despite a pretty classy look, this boat exhibits a maximum speed of 20 miles per hour owing to the installed 540 Stinger™ motor with a water cooling system. To ensure maximal smoothness and responsiveness of the control of this Traxxas RC boat the manufacturer used a waterproof high-torque servo and the Nautica Electronic Speed Control patented watertight receiver box. Another noteworthy feature is an ergonomic design of the remote control, which provides a comfort in operating the boat even for a long time. To turn the operation of the 38104-1 RC boat an almost neverending fun the manufacturer provided for a fast charge device with a charging indication that has a cigarette lighter plug. If you want to have an option of charging the boat from a power socket in your house we recommend you to buy the Traxxas 2976 AC to DC Converter, 40 Watt.

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USA Toyz UDI001

Are You Ready to Have Fun by the Water?

The next participant we focused on in our review to estimate its actual pros and suitability to bring you the joy of its operation is the USA Toyz UDI001 RC jet boat. The specified maximum speed of 15 miles per hour actually does not make this model the fastest RC boat and rates it an average performer among contenders. However, this RC boat provides a simple and effective control with the 4-directional remote control, which enables moving in reverse when encountering an obstacle ahead. Probably this model will not be an optimal choice for those wishing to have a fast racing RC boat but it suits very well for making your pastime near the water full of fun and has a great price/quality ratio. In addition, the supply package of the UDI001 RC boat includes a spare boat battery, thus you can double your fun with this boat if you charge both batteries beforehand and take it with you.

If you think that 2 included boat batteries are not enough we suggest you purchase the Replacement Battery for UDI R/C UDI001 Venom Speed Boat to fulfill your demands.

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Tenergy FT009

The Larger the Operation Range the More the Excitement

The Tenergy FT009 High Speed Racing RC Boat distinguishes from competing RC boat models with its advanced operation range, which serves for bringing you more excitement. While some models have an issue of a very limited RC operation range, which makes them unsuitable for using these boats in large water spaces buying the Tenergy FT009 will give a peace of mind in this regard. The range, within which this RC racing boat can be reliably controlled from its RC is about 500 feet, which is beyond doubt an impressive value. Concerning the speed performance of this RC boat model, the speed is maxed at 20 miles per hour, which was achieved owing to a powerful water-cooled electric motor. We found the 4-hour charge time of the boat battery  to be on the long side. With the FT009’s battery fully charged, you will be able to enjoy controlling this race RC boat for 5-6 minutes. However, the boat battery life depends on the intensity of operation, thus it can be a little longer in some cases.

Those of you who find the stock battery life too short can buy the spare replaceable boat battery – Upgraded 7.4V 1500mAh Lipo Battery for Feilun FT009 RC Boat Spare Parts.

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Babrit F1

Convenient Controls

The feature that makes the Babrit F1 High Speed RC Boat so different from its numerous peers is the remote control. The remote control board of this RC boat is designed in such a way as to let you hold it comfortably in both arms and control the boat movement with two thumbs. Another interesting feature the manufacturer equipped the Babrit RC boat with is the ability of the remote control to transmit its signals in three bands: 27MHZ, 40MHZ, and 49MHZ. However, a user is not allowed to switch between these radio bands and the system selects the band randomly. Therefore you can use a single RC control for several RC boats provided you control the boats using different bands. On the other hand, a moderate RC operating range of about 160 feet makes this model suitable for the use in small water areas and lakes. As for the design of the Babrit F1 RC boat, as we see it, everything is quite simple – to prepare the boat for a run on the water you just need to detach the hull cover, insert a charged battery and attach the hull cover back. With the battery life of 10 minutes, the charge time is approximately 3 hours.

If you want to have some fun with RC toys on the land we recommend you to buy the Babrit Newer 2.4HZ Racing Cars RC Electric Rock Crawler, which is an awesome RC rock crawler model.

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