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Best RC Cars for Cool Leisure

Whether you’re eight or forty-eight, if you love cars and enjoy tinkering, you go into raptures on buying an RC car. We have reviewed 5 best RC cars for you to choose the right vehicle.

Hosim 9125-Red

True Off Road Monster

For those who tend towards RC cars specifically made for off-road purposes and capable of performing some kind of stunts as well as traversing over as a wide range of surfaces as possible, we couldn’t recommend the Hosim 9125-Red High-Speed Remote Control Truck highly enough.

The Hosim RC car gives people exactly what they want in an off-road RC car. This large RC vehicle is shaped like a real off-road monster truck, just like the ones that are often featured at monster truck derbies. The huge anti-skid shockproof wheels provide excellent cross-country ability even on a bumpy surface with the ability to ride up to 45 degrees, allowing for ample clearance on rough patches of ground as well as the ability to make use of ramps and hills.

The capacious battery makes it possible to enjoy racing between 10-15 mins at a maximum speed of 30 mph, so even the biggest RC off-road enthusiasts will find its performance to be stellar.

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Traxxas 58034-1

Small Copy of Known Racers

Large RC cars tend to get the most attention, and also provide more fun for the user as the larger the vehicle, the more true to real life it will seem. This is all essentially true of the Traxxas 58034-1 Short Course Racing Truck. The Traxxas Slash RC car has a scale of 1/10 and it’s a tiny replica of real Traxxas, Chet Huffman Motorsports, and Amsoil race cars. This model is even painted exactly like its full-size vehicle used in short-course races. The toy is fitted with a powerful 550 Titan 12T motor and special speed control bosses for dynamics and speed. The motor is powered by the Ni-Mh battery of 8.4 V 3000 mAh that gets charged with a peak-detecting charger and the adapter for charging the toy from a cigarette lighter. The package also includes the 3-channel receiver working on 2.4 GHz frequency and providing a high-quality signal protected against disturbances. The controller is powered by 4 АА batteries. Play anywhere and anytime without delays. With no shade of a doubt, the Traxxas truck can impress you with its controlling and riding capabilities, bringing you maximum pleasure from your little rides.

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Maisto 83022

Rides Everywhere

RC crawlers are designed specifically for riding through different types of tough terrain, such as soil, sand, and stones, and are meant to do so without too much difficulty. Unfortunately, many of the models that claim to be off-road vehicles really aren’t well suited for much more than a flat path with few bumps. Getting an off-road RC vehicle stuck seems to be par for the course with most models, often requiring frequent user intervention in order to get them unstuck.

The Maisto 83022 R/C Rock Crawler Radio Control Vehicle, however, is able to traverse all kinds of terrain without the help of the driver.  This four-wheel drive crawler by Maisto is a wonderful example of off-road RC toys. This model has everything for cross-country adventures. It’s quite different from most other RC cars in that it has two motors installed on both the front and rear axles for greater traction. The car comes fully assembled and ready for use. It is equipped with 2 swiveling suspensions, ensuring the ultimate passing ability. A high clearance helps the car overcome hummocks. What is more, the Maisto Crawler has deep-tread tires for a better road grip. Generally, this RC car is designed for complex reliefs such as massive stones and mounds. If you never give up in front of hurdles, this model is the premium choice!

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SPESXFUN 1/16 Scale

Well Protected Vehicle

Anyone who has had an off-road RC vehicle before knows just how rough the off-road terrain can get. There are very few RC car owners who haven’t experienced some kind of break-down with their vehicle before. This even applies to those who typically don’t take their vehicles off-road. It seems that no matter how well the vehicle is made for off-road use, such RC cars can never be sufficiently protected against the terrain and obstacles.

Thankfully, there is one model that is extremely well-protected and not prone to breaking down frequently. The SPESXFUN 1/16 Scale High Speed Remote Control Car has been built from the ground up with strong, high-quality materials that truly gives it the strength and stability to handle off-road use. As an example, the included strong shock absorbers protect your car from damage, even if you regularly overcome bumps and ski jumps, letting you cruise around and over such obstacles without worry of your car sustaining damage. The overall build quality of this vehicle shows that the manufacturer has taken care to provide an RC car that will last you for a while.

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KidiRace Police

Police Your Neighborhood

If you want to give your children an RC car that will surely fascinate them, you can’t go wrong with the KidiRace Police Car.

This RC car is modeled after real police cars, right down to the sights and sounds they produce. The machine is equipped with believable light and sound signals, with which you can warn about the need to stop potential violators of the law. Younger children may find this to be quite fun, especially if other children are driving around their own RC cars as well, letting your own pretend to be a police officer who is keeping the neighborhood safe.

Made as detailed and realistic as possible, it can be given even to the smallest child of 3 years or older. Managing such a model will help improve the child’s coordination, reaction rate, and spatial orientation, helping them develop their motor skills while still having loads of fun.

The model has a convenient charging process from the USB port and half-hour autonomy, allowing for lengthy play sessions without the need of constantly recharging the unit, or worse, needing to constantly replace expensive batteries. This last bit will be especially appreciated by parents who often find such types of toys to be an expensive proposition for their children.

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