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Best RC Drift Cars to Feel the Thrill

Drifting is fascinating. But it is also dangerous and, aside from official competitions, illegal. To satisfy our craving for this adrenaline rush, we play computer games but it’s just not the same. Today, we offer you RC drift cars to get up from your chair and have fun outside!

Redcat Racing BL10315 1/10 Scale

Be a Leader

The Redcat Racing drift car is an undeniable leader in its class. The 1:10 car is big enough to play on the streets yet compact enough for the transportation to not cause any inconveniences. There are two body styles offered for the model, one a traditional blue sedan and another an aggressive-looking red racing car. The bodies are made of polycarbonate and are interchangeable so if you have both car modifications and one gets broken you can switch the bodies on the working chassis whenever you like. The 4.5 mm clearance and quality drift tires make this car able to race on most surfaces though smooth roads will offer you the highest speed the model is capable of, and 44–55 MPH is something to be reckoned with.

The model is delivered fully assembled, you can go race the moment you get it out of the box. Leave you opponents behind to eat the dust!

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Exceed RC Electric DriftStar RTR

Dream to Reality

If your kid dreams of becoming a racer you can support them in their ambition and start by buying a car model as real-looking as possible. Drifting RC car by Exceed-RC looks somewhat similar to the Nissan 350Z model at a scale of 1:10. It is bright yellow-and-black in color with lots of stickers. Really flashy, just what you’d want from your racing car.

The model is geared with 65-mm drifting tires (26 mm wide), and finding a replacement for them is easy. The tires move smoothly and making challenging turns with them will come naturally, almost like breathing. Though this drift RC car is not designed for off-road, of course, but indoors and road racing is perfectly possible.

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Velocity Toys Camaro Electric RC RTR

Classics Never Die

The Chevrolet Camaro is a truly iconic model. This deeply American muscle car was first manufactured in 1966 and it is still with us today, what else would you need as a proof of its popularity? Camaro was even used as the “car” look of one of the world’s most-loved Autobots, Bumblebee, throughout the years!

Anyway, this Velocity Toys RC drift car is a 1:10-scale model of a fifth generation Camaro SS and it resembles the original in fine details. Its size is 419 mm (L) x 178 mm (W) x 127 (H), the black plastic body is livened up with bright red and yellow abstract splotches that make it look rather bold. You can later replace the body if you wish but we highly recommend checking the chassis type and screws before making a purchase.

The car can be used indoors and outdoors alike although note that it is a road model so rough terrains might be impossible. However, we would also like to point out that the Camaro comes with two sets of tires, the drift ones and the conventional road set. If you want a little bit of fun without drifting, you can certainly have it!

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Nexgadget 1/18 4WD Electric

Off-Road Winner

Drifting is widely known as a part road racing but no one ever said you can’t drift off the road. You surely can, and this Nexgadget off-road drifting RC car will show you how. The model is a 1:18 copy of the bigfoot truck; it is suitable for indoor playing the same way it is good for rocky or sandy terrains.

With a 4-wheel drive and an independent suspension, it is stable despite the bumps. It can even jump off the small hills and curbs, can you believe that? The maximum speed here is 25 MPH, and when you race on a sand ground (like a beach, for example) this means leaving showy sand showers and piles with the car’s wide tires.

It will take some time to get used to if you previously only raced with road models but believe us, this car is worth it, especially when it comes to off-road racing.

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Liberty Imports Drift Legend AE86 RC

Unlimited Fun

While this is undoubtedly a budget model, don’t disregard it right away, this cheap RC drift car has something to offer.

First of all, this Toyota AE86 copy from Liberty Imports is a 1:24 model, 7.5″ long, a size perfect for small rooms, for example. The car is enhanced with a good performance body kit and a black-and-white vinyl wrap. There is no need to assemble the model as it is delivered ready-to-go after you insert four AA batteries into the car and two more into the controller. The chassis is pretty sturdy and fully-equipped, it deals nicely with transmitting the torque from the electric brushed motor to the 4-wheel drive. As for the speed, this drifter car makes it at up to 10 MPH. Not the fastest model, but good enough to win some tracks, just watch it.

P.S. Did you know that the Toyota AE86 Trueno apex hatchback was the car Takumi Fujiwara, a protagonist of the famous Initial D anime, used? That’s one of the main reasons the car was so very popular.

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