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Best RC Fuels to Burn Up the Track

Any nitro fuel will just work fine with your RC model. However, if you want to get the best performance from your vehicle, you should get the right fuel. Let us add some know-power to your RC model go-power and help you find the best thing.

Torco 20% Nitro Car & Truck Gallon

Never Too Much

The Torco RC Nitro blend formula has been specially designed for the racing industry. The ideal rate of nitromethane and synthetic oil in the blend makes it suitable for high-speed medium capacity glow engines, such as those as in drift, rally cars, and buggies of 1:10 or 1:8 scale.

This 20% nitromethane fuel works towards smoother engine operation at a full rev range regardless the loads. Let’s see what’s there in the blend. According to specifications, this glow fuel contains 14% of synthetic oil, which is a very good rate. Oil is the essential compound of any fuel mixture that is included for lubricating the internal parts of the motor. Speaking of synthetic oils, they are much cleaner than regular oil mixes and don’t leave any gummy residue. That’s why their use can actually prolong the service life of the engine. So, in this respect, as you can see, the Torco RC Nitro blend combines the best properties.

The fuel is sold in a big plastic bottle with 1-gallon capacity. This amount will suffice for several hours of hard drive on a track. If you love RC hobby and often take part in different racing competitions, you will not go wrong with the Torco RC Nitro blend.

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PowerMaster 20% Nitro

Universal Blend Formula

This glow fuel differs from other blends not only by the percentage of compounds but also by a vessel it is canned in. While other nitro fuels are sold in plastic bottles this blend is supplied in a metal tin that holds up to 1 quart of fuel. First of all, this type of vessel is impact resistant that is crucial when you need to transport it. Secondly, metal retains the temperature better than plastic and is capable of maintaining it constant even in hot weather just like a thermos. Note it’s still necessary to keep the tin away from the direct sunlight.

As for the fuel itself, it might seem that the oil rate of 9% in the blend is insufficient. However, it isn’t so. The combination of castor and synthetic oils in the fuel makes up for its smaller amount of oil, ensuring that it’s not only clean but also a good lubricant. Thus, the Redcat Racing nitro is well suitable for all RCs with high-speed engines such as 0.18 cc and 4-stroke.

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Traxxas Racing Top

Say No to Rust Formations in Cylinders

Traxxas company is a renowned manufacturer of RC vehicles and their accessories worldwide. Not surprisingly, it’s on our list too. Let’s see what they’ve got to offer. For this review, we’ve picked their Racing Top RC fuel. Like many other fuel blends, this one is sold in a plastic bottle. For those racers who don’t fancy dragging around bulky cans, this is surely an advantage. The content is also not much different from the other blends, comprising 12% of castor and synthetic oils mixed with 20% of nitro. However, upon taking a closer look at the product specifications, you will find out that it also includes a variety of additives that drastically affect its properties. Thus, the Traxxas fuel includes a special inhibitor that protects cylinder inner walls and pistons from rust formation, extending their service life.

The Traxxas nitro is 100% certified as a quality blend for fueling RC vehicles with low- and medium-speed glow motors. Don’t hesitate to buy and try it on a track.

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Race 2000

Re-Energize Your Old Vehicles

When looking through a variety of popular blends available on the market, we’ve come across the Race 2000 Gen2, the second generation glow fuel from  Byron Originals company. Why did we decide to bring it up on our list? All is simple. It’s one of few fuel blends on the market containing both green castor and synthetic oils. The ratio of 60: 40 of oils in the mixture has a double effect on a glow engine operation. While synthetic oils protect the internal parts of the engine from quick wear and overheating, castor oils serve as a lubricant. Having high viscosity, castor oils are also well suitable for rather old engines, which means if you’ve got in your store an old RC that you used to play in your childhood, you’ll be able to fuel it too. Understanding users’ concern about sediments, the manufacturer used a special preservation technology to prolong the shelf life of the blend and prevent it from scaling.

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Cool Power 15%N/17% Oil

Cooling From Inside

The nitro fuel blend from Morgan company is probably the best choice for all owners of RCs with high-speed glow engines. Why is that? The mixture contains 17% of synthetic oil to quickly remove excess heat and maintain efficient engine operation at high revs. Any vehicle that cannot be cooled in a natural way should be fuelled with this fuel to cool from inside.

The Cool Power Oil Fuel mixed with 15% of nitro will ensure smooth operation of all RC vehicles with engines up to 0.18 cc in size. Due to the low percentage of nitromethane, this blend comes effective in reducing the operating temperature of the engine. For the same reason, it doesn’t burn out too quickly during operation as well. Interestingly enough, it is the 15% nitro blend which is commonly used for RC airplanes and helicopters.

The Cool Power Oil fuel proved to be efficient on many RCs, however, if the engine in your car is of 0.12 cc size or below, the oil will not burn out completely and so, you may need to clean the exhaust system components more often. The fuel comes in 1 quart-capacity which usually suffices for up to 40 minutes of flight.

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