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Best RC Radios for Sport and Recreation

Do you enjoy recreation activities in the park with your kid? We’re sure you do! Undoubtedly, one of the best RC radios will break the uniformity of your pastime. Fly an aircraft or drive a modern truck, any of this is possible with one of the transmitters we have selected for you.

ARRIS RadioLink AT9

Many Options

If you like performing tricks on model aircraft, the RadioLink AT9 is what you need. It has nine channels to control different parts of the RC models. This controller goes with a special receiver that is installed on the aircraft. The transmitter itself is high quality and has many switches for simpler operation. With such a wide range of options, you will control even professional RC airplanes and gliders without any difficulties. Moreover, you can select the model that you’d like to drive from the menu on a screen. It has a very straightforward and intuitive interface. There are many settings that can be adjusted to your needs, from some very simple like changing the name of an RC to more complicated requiring assigning different functions. The movement of working levers is smooth and easy which is essential for fast and accurate signal transmission. Plus if you don’t like the response of a lever, you can always readjust it. You will find such an option in the menu with other extended settings. Besides, if you are new to radio control equipment, you will find all the required information in the manual that is very coherent and contains detailed instructions. You can also fly RC helicopters with the RadioLink AT9. Trust us you won’t waste your time and will amaze your friends with cool tricks.

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Traxxas TX TQi 4-Channel

Simple Operation

Controlling RC trucks is very exciting but requires some practice as they can drive at very high speeds. For this reason, it is important not only to know how to drive them but also to have a high-quality and handy transmitter. With the Traxxas TX TQi, you will see a difference right away. This controller offers simple controls. Just reduce sensibility of a throttle trigger, and then, by means of special controllers, regulate a steering response as you need. All buttons and switches are located on one side of the transmitter to be within easy reach. The operation of the Traxxas TX TQi requires 4 AA alkaline batteries; this made it possible to reduce the weight of the device and make it feel more comfortable in the hands. If you want to widen your options and have more control over your car, you can add a wireless module that will output all the information about your vehicle on the display of your smartphone online. Moreover, if you’d like to add some variety to your recreation activity, you can try and take a ride on an electric motorcycle. They are ecologically safe and designed for kids and adults alike.

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Flysky RC 3-Channel FS-GT3B

The Best for the Start

It’s not a secret that radio-controlled cars and boats are very popular among teenagers and adults. A better part will agree that running a mini version of a car is not only exciting but also quite simple, especially, when doing it with the Flysky FS-GT3B. Since this transmitter doesn’t have too many buttons, it works well even for a novice user. Moreover, the display screen is quite big and blue lit, which means, using it even in the dark won’t be a problem. The navigation is very simple due to a user-friendly menu. There, you will find a number of settings, allowing you to regulate speed and steering wheel response when you need to change a driving area. Moreover, you can store up to 10 different models in memory of the transmitter and switch them anytime you need. Undoubtedly, this is a very useful function, especially if you own many RC cars or boats. You won’t have to adjust the transmitter every time you change a car; the switch will take just a few minutes.

A high-quality action camera will be a good addition to your RC vehicle. Due to its small size, you can place it on top of your vehicle and, as a result, not only participate in the race but also capture first-person view videos.

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Futaba 2DR AM R162JE

By Water or by Land

The Futaba 2DR is a multifunction controller that you can use for controlling several types of RC models such as cars, aircraft, or boats. Due to its space-saving design and plastic case, it’s quite handy, and both children and adults will find it very convenient to use. There are two channels on the transmitter, which means, you can command the speed of your transport with two balanced sticks, turning the blades and wheels in any direction. They have a convenient location and easy running for more accurate control. Moreover, there is a built-in handle to carry your Futaba when returning home. The antenna is another advantage of this device since you can fold it up easily and the RC will require less space during transportation or storage. The Futaba transmitter works on 8 AA batteries. Whenever the charge drops, the green and red LEDs will start to blink. The control accuracy is also achieved with the frequency range, that amounts at 27 MHz or 75MHz. In virtue of this, you will always have a clear signal.

When the weather is nasty and doesn’t permit going outside, you can take advantage of video games consoles.

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GoolRC FS-T6

Simple and Multi-Functional

As a rule, a transmitter for RC aircraft has many buttons and functions that are quite difficult for a beginner to understand. However, if you purchase the GoolRC FS-T6 H, you may not worry about that. Since it has a special function for novices, you can study every aspect of its operability carefully and in detail. Moreover, it has a big well-lit display to set up when it is dark, and handy sticks, knobs, and levers to support smooth running. Besides, they are all located within easy reach, hence they are very easy to regulate. You can control up to 20 different airplanes with this transmitter. Undoubtedly, this is quite a useful option, especially for owners of models of different helicopters, gliders, airplanes, etc. You can program 6 private channels, with 2.4 Gh signal between this transmitter and your flying model. That means you can pass the signal from a long distance of about 1000 feet.

If you or your kid loves ultra modern devices, more likely than not hoverboards will come to liking of both of you.

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