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Best RC Sailboats: Dive Into the World of Sailboat Racing

Is RC sailboat racing your passion and you can’t imagine your weekend without spending at least a couple of hours competing with other racers? Or vice versa, you’ve never sailed an RC boat but you’re eager to try? No matter why you’re reading this review, we hope you’ll find the best model to meet your requirements.

POCO DIVO Compass RG65 Class Competition

Great for Novice and Experienced Users

Whether you’re dreaming of taking up RC sailing or you’ve already had some experience of using RC models, POCO DIVO Compass RG65 sailing boat might interest you. The boat is sold with all parts included (except for 8 AA batteries for a transmitter and a receiver). Why, it even has a stand for convenient storage. Besides the full kit, we bet you’ll also be pleased with the sophisticated and eye-catching design of this model. To start using your new RC sailboat, you only need to spend some time on its assembly and buy batteries. As soon as the item is set up, you can take it to the pool, pond, lake, or river to enjoy sailing. What is more, this model can be used in salt waters however it’s recommended to rinse it with running water to avoid the occurrence of salt stains on the model’s hull. Choose POCO DIVO Compass RG65, and let your sailing experience be fun.

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DragonFlite DF95 Class

First-Class Sailing Experience

The DragonFlite DF95 is a bit of a mixed bag. On one hand, the people behind it advertise as one of the most complete offers on the market. And they aren’t necessarily wrong as just about everything needed for sail comes with the package and we will get to that “everything” in but a moment.

On the other hand, it wouldn’t hurt to include a receiver, transmitter, and batteries to that package now, would it? Sure, those are easy to purchase on your own, but you can’t really say that your product is ready to use straight out of the box if it doesn’t include the aforementioned parts.

Having said that, this little ship has a lot going for it and we feel confident placing it so high up on our list. The company says that it’s been developed according to the latest radio sailing design concepts, construction, and components that are required for a truly first-class radio sailing experience. And, for the most part, we’re inclined to agree.

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Golden Bright Full Function Radio Control Boat Vehicle

RC Sailing: Get Started

If you’ve never controlled an RC sailboat but have always dreamt to, Golden Bright model will make your dream come true. Being a toy RC boat rather than a hobby one, this little ship will perfectly suit all kinds of beginners, from kids aged 8+ to those adults who only start getting acquainted with RC sailing. What makes this model great for inexperienced users is its relatively compact size, light weight, and the simplicity of handling. Golden Bright item measures 33.7” x 20” when assembled and weighs 4 pounds. Plus, it’s easy to store and transport this sailboat thanks to the detachable keel, mast, and sails. Moreover, all the details are made of durable materials that protect the sailboat from extrinsic hazards as well as prevent water from penetrating into electronic mechanisms.

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Rage RC B1300 Eclipse 1M

Value Package

There are a few things we like about the Rage RC B1300 Eclipse. And though its 1-meter hull is definitely one of those “things”, that’s not where we’d like to start. At the end of the day, it all starts with a package and here, you get real value out of that package.

Just about everything you need to get started is already there. The model arrives with the majority of the most difficult and time-consuming rigging already completed, so the final assembly should be about as quick and hassle-free as it gets.

On top of the big pre-trimmed decorated hull, the package includes a 2.4GHz radio system, rip-stop nylon sails, and, as we’ve said earlier, all of the rigging parts you need to build the mast as quickly and effortlessly as possible.

Hell, you even get a Li-ion receiver battery with a USB charger, 4 AA batteries necessary for the transmitter, and a nice little boat stand that you can use for maintenance and display. Nevertheless, some would say that the best part is that, despite the boat’s size, you can just as quickly and easily dismantle it for storage and transportation.

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Kyosho Fortune 612-III Sailboat RC

Realistic Copy

If watching sailboat racing gives you a thrill, maybe it’s time to try it for yourself? Dive into the world of RC racing with Kyosho Fortune 612-III. This model resembles authentic vehicles that take part in American sailboat racing cup, and tiny details such as rigging winches, helms, and crew figurines make it look even more realistic. Just like most RC boats, this one is sold preassembled, and to start using it, you only need to attach mast, sails, and keel. By the way, installation of these parts doesn’t require any tools, so you won’t spend much time on preparation for the sailing session. As soon as all parts are assembled, insert batteries inside a transmitter and a receiver, and let your Kyosho sailboat impress you with its performance.

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