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Best RC Trucks for Little Kids and Teenagers

Do you remember a thrill of excitement you felt about remote control vehicles as a child? Feel it all once again by taking control of your own RC truck! These great radio-controlled toys will add fun and excitement to your family recreation and become a start of a new hobby for both you and your kids.

Traxxas Remote Control Monster Truck

Powerful Monster Truck For Any Tracks

Would you like to experience exciting rides on intricate tracks and bendy roads? In that case, you need to get yourself the Traxxas Remote Control Monster Truck. This high-speed (up to 30 mph), waterproof offroader with ultra-rigid suspension and enormous ground clearance will ride in places where you wouldn’t think is possible to ride. Put it on a road and watch how swiftly it can drive through muddy tracks, soil, puddles and go up and down hills. What’s more, thanks to the cooling fan installed inside the vehicle, the riding will also last considerably longer if compared to other RC trucks that come without a fan.

The performance characteristics of the truck have been enhanced thanks to the implementation of the advanced Revo® technology and the use of the strengthened transmission with Revo®-Spec Torque-Control ™ slipper clutch and efficient ball bearings. Meanwhile, the unique  Revo-spec Talon ™ 2.8” tires add to the stable behavior of the vehicle on a road, improving its skid resistance. The mirror-chrome Bold All-Star™ wheels not only look reliable, they have demonstrated excellent rough-terrain performance, bypassing raised obstacles, while maintaining the balance.

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Redcat Racing Remote Control Truck

Conquer Any Terrains With the Volcano EXP

An adrenaline explosion, a thrilling adventure and a super fast terrain ripping ride are all about the Volcano EPX! A powerful electric brushed 27T 540 motor can speed the vehicle up to 20 mph, allowing it to bypass intricate obstacles, meet different challenges and jump off all kinds of ramps. Besides, this truck comes completely assembled and ready-to-use out-of-the-box, so you don’t need to build it from scratch or shop for more electronic components additionally.

Casting a look at the truck, you will be attracted to its aggressive black and red design and huge wheels. Yet, it isn’t bulky, thanks to the lightweight construction made of plastic and aluminum.

Owing to the fact that the Volcano EPX is fitted with waterproof electronics, it is suitable both for indoor and outdoor use. Protected against moisture, the vehicle will ride through the mud, puddles and over many other surfaces, giving you the real feel of excitement and entertainment. Even if you happen to lose control of the truck and it crashes into some really hard obstacle, you will be able to replace all of its parts since they are all 100% replaceable and can be ordered from any specialized store.

The Volcano EPX isn’t a toy for little kids, though. Being a hobby-grade model, it will best suit kids of the age of 14 years and older. If you’ve got a younger kid, you could get him/her a slot car so he/she could practice riding a small car while your elder son or daughter would keep rolling a real monster truck.

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Top Race Remote Control Dump Truck

Much More Than a Humble Toy

Probably, there’s no other toy that kids of all ages love as much as an RC toy. They bring joy and delight children, keeping them engaged and amused for hours. If your son or daughter is only about 3 years old, you can still make him/her a present and get this fantastic Top Race Yellow RC truck. The vehicle runs forward, backward, makes turns and moves the rear bucket up and down. All this is completed with realistic light and sound effects, including signals, load and unload sounds, as well as a welcoming voice encouraging a child to start to play. Made of durable plastic, the Top Race Yellow RC wheeler can be used both indoors and outdoors. Great characteristics for a toy vehicle!

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KidiRace Remote Control Fire Engine Truck

Getting Wrapped up In the Play

All kids love copying adults. Why not give them a scaled model of a real fire truck? Featuring working siren, horn, shifting sounds and flashing lights, the Kidirace RC fire engine truck will come to liking to both girls and boys of the age of 3+.

The truck looks fantastic thanks to the realistic design with attention to details. Soft yet rugged rubber tires perfectly match the bright red glossy plastic body of the truck. The performance characteristics are also great taking into consideration that this vehicle’s designed for little children. The truck runs smoothly and seamlessly on any flat terrain both indoors and outdoors. The realistic sound and light effects enhance the game, keeping young firemen amused and engaged for hours. The Kidirace RC fire engine truck comes complete with all bits and pieces that you’d need to put it on a road out-of-the-box. Unpack the box and rush to “fight a fire” with your little one!

Even though the Kidirace truck looks very much like a scaled model, it’s still a toy. If you want to get something that will look more like a real vehicle, we’d like to offer you to take a look at our review of the car model kits and pick a kit to build up a copy of a car from scratch yourself.

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Velocity Toys Remote Control Semi Truck

A Big Truck for A Big Game

This huge powerful RC semi-truck from Velocity Toys will appeal to all fans of RC vehicles, including adults. Featuring a modern, sophisticated design, this truck looks like a real thing where all parts look identical to a full-size vehicle. The LED headlights start flashing once the vehicle makes a move. Ten wheels with bright red disks and rubber grip tires add a special touch to the eye-catching realistic design of the heavy-duty semi-truck. This full cargo trailer will immediately pique your kid’s curiosity and interest.

This model is perfect for playing indoors. Though it is rather big (18.5” x 4” x 4”), it is extremely lightweight and easy to carry around. Your child will quickly learn how to control the vehicle and will play with it for many long hours, giving you more time to yourself.

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