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Best Remote Control Robots for Great Fun and Learning Experience!

Whether you’re searching for a smart toy for your little one to provide educational value or a digital companion to teach programming, look no further than a remote control robot! Check out our top 5 best RC robots to keep your child entertained and educated at the same time!

Sphero Star Wars BB-8 Droid

A Star Wars Story With You!

The Star Wars is one of the world’s most popular and recognizable movie sagas that has become a phenomenon of mass culture. Due to advancements in technology, the Sphero has created the BB-8, a fictional droid appeared in the 7th Star Wars movie. The Sphero BB-8 Droid was greeted with great enthusiasm by fans of trilogies. Indeed, it’s more than a toy! Unlike any other robots, this app-enabled entertaining gadget has an adaptive personality which changes while you play. After a three-hour charge, the BB-8 is ready for connecting with your Android or iPhone. This interactive toy offers plenty of fun with a range of voice commands. The BB-8 can roam around your room autonomously to gather information and investigate your surroundings – the temperature, acceleration, collision alerts, and proximity warnings. It’s so interesting to watch its progress while exploring the world! Also, you can guide the BB-8 yourself to create your own adventure or record a clip on the app and project holographic recordings on your smart device screen. The BB-8 creates authentic sound effects from the movie for a totally immersive experience, though you’ll need headphones to hear them.


  • Totally unique;
  • Sturdy build;
  • Easy to set up;
  • Intuitive app.

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Wonder Workshop DA01 Dash

Your Faithful Robot Friend!

The Wonder Workshop Dash RC Robot will help explore the world your child creates. It will become a faithful robot friend and a true partner in fun for your little one. The Android, iOS, and Kindle Fire apps provide 100s of fascinating coding adventures, challenges, and puzzles. Kids can learn about robotics and programming at their own pace, making Dash do plenty of funny things! No instructions and batteries are required. Unlike other robotics products, it comes pre-assembled. All you need is to download Wonder and Blockly apps on your iOS, Android, or tablet to code the robot’s actions. With the challenge tutorials and picture-based coding language, children can program Dash to move throughout the house, navigate around obstacles, light up, sing, make sounds, dance, and even respond to their voice. What is more, this entertaining gadget can greet your kids when they come home from school, follow them on trips, and deliver messages to friends. The sensors allow Dash to detect objects in front and behind, microphones help hear sounds and detect where they come from, infrared sensors let communicate with other robots. The toy includes 2 Building Brick Connectors and a USB charging cable.


  • Excellent concept;
  • Durable, well-built robot;

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WowWee Miposaur

Train, Tame, and Game!

Miposaur is an intelligent robotic creature that is smart enough to take on your commands and deleterious enough not to! This pet robot dinosaur with evolving intelligence interacs its environment in a lifelike way. Due to the GestureSense™ Technology, Miposaur is able to respond to simple hand gestures with claps, swipes, and more. According to where you swipe, you can become either a Miposaur’s new friend or a dinnertime target. You can train, tame, and game with 6 game modes within the TrackBall and free Android and iOS apps which you can download to drive MiPosaur from your tablet or smartphone. Each time when you turn the knob, you activate a new game. The trackball has an on/off switch, a 6-way mode dial, a status LED, and 8 IR senders. Miposaur comes with 3 different moods and 10 commands. You can play fetch and “dino in the middle”, take it for a walk on a leash, feed it a snack, or even engage it in a prehistoric battle with other Miposaurs around. Also, Miposaur can follow you, chase after the trackball, beat box, guard, and dance to music from your iTunes library! An LED on Miposaur’s back changes color depending on its mood, making Miposaur react to your commands differently. There’s a wheel at the bottom of its feet and the battery compartment for 4 AAs protected by 3 crosshead screws.


  • Gesture sense;
  • Tons of gameplay;
  • Plenty of functions and controls;
  • Full remote control via app.

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SainSmart Smart Dog

Your Interactive RC Pup

This wireless interactive smart Dog by SainSmart Jr is entirely remote-controlled. Designed with flexible joints, it’s able to perform a great variety of functions, which allows it to be just like a real dog. It can stand up, lie down, wag its tail, crouch, stretch, shake its head, grovel down, roll over, and even pee! Due to the high-end technology, the pet toy can perform a wide assortment of movements like left and right, forward and backward, turn over and revert. This interactive RC pup does many tricks and even communicates with its owner. Also, the dog has a wireless controller that lets you control it from 50 feet, providing greater freedom of movement. Apart from that, it exhibits a variety of emotions with unique sounds and movements letting you know when it’s happy or sad. The puppy comes with immersive and easy to learn pre-programmed tunes. Besides, it has a built-in rechargeable battery that saves energy and protects the environment. The battery takes a little time to get charged, so your child doesn’t have to wait long to play with the puppy again.


  • Intelligent and highly interactive;
  • Agile figure, realistic appearance;
  • High technology with various functions and movements;
  • Unique sounds that show different emotions.

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Thinkgizmos Remote Control

Disc-Shooting Robot for the Whole Family

This remote controlled toy will bring lots of fun and entertainment to the whole family when you turn it on and hear “Awaiting your command”. Any young robot fan will easily operate it via the remote control included. The robot boasts a large variety of skills and can perform plenty of different movements to keep you busy. It can walk, talk, and fire mini foam discs from its chest at super speed! Don’t worry about any harm coming from the disks; they are soft and safe, and kids may fire them at mom or dad fearlessly. There are 12 discs in 4 various colors so you’ll notice if any of them are missing. After the robot fires all disc ammo, simply pop them back in the chamber to reload for more action. On top of that, the robot can defend against other toys in your collection with its pistol or take a more friendly approach, carrying out robotic dance moves at the flick of a button. It’s a real joy to see, and the whole family can join in on the fun! This multi-directional robot can move forward or backward or right and left. Moreover, it has flashing lights and awesome sounds that will captivate your child for hours on end.


  • Easy to operate remote control;
  • A large variety of skills and movements;
  • Mini foam discs, flashing lights, and sounds.

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