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Best Ride On Cars

Does your kid dream of one day driving on his own? If so, purchasing a ride-on car can help make your child’s dream come true much quicker. Choose among 5 best ride-on cars we’ve comprehensively reviewed for you and take your pick.

Rollplay GMC Sierra Denali

The King of the Road

If you want your kid to learn driving in his/her early age, get this wonderful Rollplay GMC Sierra Denali Ride-on Car. With such a great variety of functions like this car has got, your child will fall for this toy and will spend a lot of time driving it. Owing to the total weight capacity of 130 pounds and a roomy seating, the GMC Sierra Denali will easily fit two kids. The ride-on car is also fitted with a tailgate truck where your kids can store and transport their precious belongings. The capacity of the truck is also impressive and makes whole 25 pounds. Besides performance characteristics, we also liked the car for its looks, with its side-view mirrors, opening doors, see-through windows adding to realistic design. The flashing headlights that activate on a push of a gas pedal make the GMC Sierra Denali ride-on car suitable for play at dusk too. The car can also play music thanks to the built-in Aux port. Every part of it looks just so real, your kid will be a king of the road in it. Make this happen and get it now at such a good price.

To provide your kid with his/her own music collection, an MP3 player will surely come in handy.

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Best Choice Products SKY2886

Police Car for Little Heroes

Copying the behavior of adults and pretending to be someone else are what kids usually do discovering the world. Acting like people of different professions is another peculiarity of little explorers, and if your child plays a policeman, the Best Choice Products Police Car will definitely come to his/her liking. The car boasts two opening doors to make the process of getting in/out of the vehicle more convenient. And bright flashing lights together with a siren give a little driver a real feel of riding a policeman car. The Megaphone PA System also adds to the feeling of reality, allowing a young police officer to give orders via the built-in speakers. Don’t neglect safety features, too. A durable bumper with protective bull bars and an adjustable seat belt guarantee the total safety of your child. On top of that, the maximum speed of this model is 5 MPH which can be reduced to 2.5 MPH. Buy the Best Choice ProductsPolice Car for your kid, and let him/her feel a brave crime-stopper.

If cars aren’t the only vehicles your child is interested in, pay attention to RC helicopters which won’t leave your little explorer indifferent.

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Best Choice Products SKY2069

Time to Enjoy Driving

The Best Choice Products Kids Car is made with total safety in mind as it can be controlled in two different ways – unaided, with a kid pushing a gas pedal and steering a wheel and under a parent’s control, with a remote control. A decent ride-on car for consumers whose kids aren’t big enough and that can grow together with them.

The battery life of the car isn’t exactly long in this car and varies from 1-2 hours, depending on the weight of a child and the speed he/she drives at. Still, we dare suppose, you wouldn’t want to leave your little one unassisted longer than that. Besides, 2 hours of fun is usually enough for most children. The car is beautifully designed and geared up with colorful LED lights and 6 programmed tracks switchable with a press of a button on a steering wheel. The maximum weight capacity the car can withstand isn’t huge and makes only 77 pounds, which makes it suitable for use by one child only. If you don’t have twins and you’re looking for a present for your only child, the Best Choice Products Kids Car can be a good choice. Its luxury looks and advanced functions can easily make it your child’s favorite toy.

To make summer holidays more enjoyable, we recommend you to consider inflatable pools.

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Costzon BMW Mini Cooper

A Dream Car

It comes as no surprise that Mini Cooper is often used as a model for toy cars since it has been popular with drivers for years. What catches an eye when you first look at the Costzon ride on car is the striking similarity to its full-scale prototype. Although your child may not fully appreciate this peculiarity, we dare say that adults will envy your little driver. As for the main features of this Mini Cooper, we’d like to point out the weight capacity of 66 lbs, which means the car is designed for one child. With a safety belt, parents can be sure that nothing will happen to their kid while he/she is riding the car. And a remote control option offers you an opportunity to guide your little driver if your little one is too small to drive him- or herself. The manufacturer has also done its best to make the driving experience of your kid fun and exciting by equipping the car with an AUX input, so you can create a playlist for your child to listen to while being at the wheel. On top of that, the battery life of the Costzon Mini Cooper lasts up to two hours on a single charge, depending on the chosen speed.

A wooden train set might become one more exciting toy for your little one with which he/she will be able to learn much more about the real railroad.

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Best Choice Products SKY908

Ideal to Become the First Vehicle

We bet the Best Choice Products Kids Sports Car will amaze you with its bright design. This elegant pink sports car can withstand up to 66 pounds and is designed to fit one kid. The car is equipped with a seat belt which guarantees safety for your little one even if the car comes across an obstacle. Mind that a kid can drive a car without the help of adults using a steering wheel, gearshift, and a gas pedal. However, you’re also able to control your child’s route with a handy remote. Note that a 10-hour charge is enough to provide 2-hour run time of the car. Another welcome feature of this stylish car is its Aux port enabling kids to listen to music while driving. Make a playlist of your child’s favorite songs on MP3 player, connect it to the car via this port, and let your kid enjoy driving. Don’t think twice, make your kid’s dream come true!

RC boat can become a nice toy for children, as well as for adults.

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