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Best Ride On Tractors for Young Adventurers

Does your kid enjoy active rest and is interested in vehicles? Then, one of the ride-on tractors represented on the market will definitely come to his/her liking. Check out 5 best models reviewed below to choose the one to turn your child’s driving experience into a real pleasure.

Kid Trax Cat KT1136 Ride On

A Real Buldozzer

Can’t make your little one go out for a walk? If so, we advise you to have a look at the Kid Trax Cat KT1136 ride on tractor that will definitely turn leisure time of your child into a real adventure outdoors. The first thing about this model that catches an eye is its striking similarity to its prototype. Besides looking like a real bulldozer, the toy also produces sounds that resemble operation of real building machinery. As for operation features, a rechargeable battery placed inside a vehicle allows moving around a yard, garden, or street with the maximum speed of 2.5 mph while two levers make driving the tractor as easy as anything. What is more, the toy boasts the function of an 180-degree turnaround, just like a real tractor.

If your child is curious about riding a two-wheel transport, a balance bike might interest you.

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TOMY John Deere Plastic Pedal Tractor Green

Need to Use Inside? No Problems!

Sometimes, bad weather can cancel your plans for a walk outside. No doubt, your kid will be exasperated as he/she wanted to ride a toy vehicle badly. This won’t happen with the TOMY John Deere Plastic Pedal Tractor. The model’s compact size and light weight not only allow your kid to drive it indoors but also simplifies its storage and transportation. This ride on tractor is designed for children aged 3 and up, and what makes its use really convenient is adjustable seat position that provides your kid with the ability to reach pedals effortlessly. To control the direction of the tractor, a young driver will use a steering wheel. The wheels here are worth mentioning too. Made of plastic, they have textured structure that makes driving simple even on grass. However, keep in mind that they can spin in one place when driving on a smooth surface.

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Peg Perego John Deere Ground Force Tractor

Fun and Functional

If your kids have ever asked you to take them for a drive on a tractor, you’ll probably be pleased to find out about the Peg Perego John Deere Ground Force model. Being a miniature replica of a real tractor, this toy ride-on tractor boasts all the features to make every ride unforgettable for your child. First of all, we’d like to mention a built-in battery that saves your kid a trouble of making efforts to start the vehicle – a single push of pedal is enough. One of the two forward speeds can be blocked if the smallest adventurers are eager to try the toy out. And don’t overlook a reverse speed too. Since children tend to take their favorite toys with them everywhere they go, an attachable trailer will definitely come in handy.

One more advantage of this model is FM radio that offers a little farmer joy of the ride while singing along to his/her favorite songs. On top of that, large textured wheels ensure successful movement of the tractor on any terrain, be it ground, pavement, or dirt.

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Rolly toys CAT Construction Pedal Tractor

Construction Site in Your Backyard

Is it boring for your kid to just drive a ride-on vehicle? Give him/her a chance to experience more with the Rolly Toys CAT Construction Pedal Tractor. Unlike many of its rivals that have a bucket only as a part of design, this model is equipped with two working excavator arms that empower a young adventurer to dig a hole in the sand, snow or even mud. The arms are located at the front and at the back of the vehicle, and each of them is controlled separately.

The usability of the Rolly Toys model deserves your attention too. Boasting adjustable seat, the tractor will be suitable for children of different age so you can be sure it will last you at least several years. By the way, age range and weight limit of this toy are 3-6 years and 75 pounds (for a front seat)/50 pounds (for a back seat) respectively. Taking all the features into account, the Rolly Toys CAT Construction Pedal Tractor will make your child happy by giving him/her an opportunity to turn your yard into a small construction site.

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Best Choice Products Kids Pedal Ride On Excavator

Really Eye-Сatching

A model from Best Choice Products is just what you need if you’re looking for a bright and functional ride-on tractor. The first thing we’d like to point out is its simple controls via ergonomic pedals and a convenient steering wheel, so even the youngest drivers (aged 3, for example) will be able to manage the vehicle effortlessly. And look at the material of the excavator too. It’s reinforced plastic designed to last you a lifetime, and, what is even more important, to ensure the safety of your child. Stickers of the colorful dashboard and a copy of a horn in the middle of the steering wheel make this model look more realistic. A moving excavator arm should also be taken into consideration. Although it’s impossible to dig holes with it, your kid can lift and turn it with two special levers.

One more feature we’d like to point out is a trailer hitch that enables you to attach a trailer (not included in the box), thus, enliven leisure time of your kid. The only drawback, probably, is that the tractor is sold disassembled, so it’ll take you some time to put all the parts together.

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