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Best Robot Dog Toys

If you do not fancy the idea of buying an actual dog for your child, then consider a robot puppy instead. It barks, it jumps, it wiggles its tail—what else could you wish for? Read our review and find the best robot toy dog for your kid.

Contixo Puppy Smart

A Sophisticated Robot-Friend

The Contixo Puppy is a smart and interactive robot pet toy that really does looks like something straight out of Sci-Fi movies. Nevertheless, it can be controlled even by toddlers without too much of a hassle.

First things first, the wireless controls can be put in different modes using the PuppyGo application that you can download on your mobile device. Additional features include voice recognition, various sensors, and a Bluetooth speaker. And to top all that, the dog actually has interactive eyes that change their expression according to the mode you choose.

The barking volume is not customizable, which is a shame since the toy barking can get really loud at times and this is, perhaps, the only negative aspect of this particular toy dog model.

On the bright side, however, as far as entertainment aspects go, this robot-dog model has quite a lot to offer under its “sleeves”. The little puppy has all the standard barking, wiggle, and dancing modes but what makes it really special is its sophisticated sensor system. On top of the accurate touch sensors, the toy has a powerful RF sensor that will come in handy for situations when you or your child can’t find the robot-pupper and it has run out of charge.

Designed for kids of 4 years and older, this robot puppy will become their new best companion for quite a while. So, if you are looking for something that will keep your kids interested for more than a few weeks, this model is definitely a safe bet. Smart and versatile, it is easily distinguishable among similar toys from other companies.

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fisca LN0011

Cute Design That Won’t Go Unnoticed

The Fisca LN0011 has a slightly unusual design compared to other models in our review, which will be more appealing to younger kids.

Made of premium ABS plastic, the toy has a fairly strong construction aside from some parts like the flashlight on the back that feels a tad bit flimsy. However, that doesn’t actually affect the experience one bit as long as you or your children don’t carry the dog by this particular part. Additionally, the material is quite smooth, which ensures that the tiny hands won’t get hurt while playing.

As for the playing part itself, the interactive capabilities of the robo-dog include multiple behavior modes like patrol, head spin, dance, music, and blink. Moreover, the plastic puppy can dance to 4 different songs stored in its memory. The controls include a remote controller that you can use to pick and change the play modes and to put the dog into a sleep mode. While the puppy sleeps, you can easily charge its 3.7V battery with a charging cable that comes with the package.

If you need a budget-friendly present for your kid, then this model from Fisca more than fits that bill. Its high-quality build with impressive electronic capabilities makes this model one of the best robot dog toy options in its price range.

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WowWee 3818


This little cutie is almost human! CHiPPIES is a smart robotic dog that uses artificial intelligence to interact with its users. You can train it and develop its character. The toy uses high-tech algorithms to adapt to the environment and change his behaviour accordingly. It processes data in real-time, which aids CHiPPIES in all actions it carries out. The toy can also interact with CHiP Robot Toy Dog.

This walking robot dog toy is incredibly friendly and caring, to a certain extent. Thanks to the two electronic eyes it can show emotions and devotion to its owner. But it doesn’t end there. The dog loves to play with you as well. It has three game modes and various fun capabilities that are enhanced thanks to the touch and RF sensors. For example, if you throw a ball, it will bring it back to you, and if you take it by the front legs, you can dance with it. And if you nuzzle your nose against its, it will also engage in the interaction.

The toy operates on batteries and in order for it to work, you need to put in 4 AAA batteries. Optionally, this little dog is available in 3 different color patterns: black, blue, and pink, so you can pick the one that your child likes the most.

In terms of skills and characteristics, it is a quite realistic electronic dog (as far as digital toys go) that will be an incredible present for any kid.

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Dimple Interactive

Teaches the Kids as They Play

The Dimple interactive robot puppy is more than just a toy that does tricks and plays songs. Designed to entertain and teach, it has a learning mode that helps children learn the alphabet and numbers. The way it works is quite simple but it really makes this robot-dog from Dimple stand out.

When the learning mode is activated, the dog’s eyes turn into two small learning screens that will display either numbers or alphabet symbols. With that in mind, this toy will be more suitable for younger children, since it won’t be able to really entertain kids older than 7.

On top of the teaching capabilities, this puppy from Dimple has all the features of a fully-fledged digital pet, including multiple dance moves, crawling, and a couple of songs. When the dog is running out of charge, it will conveniently notify the owner about it with an audio cue.

For your convenience, the robot-puppy comes equipped with a handy remote control that features all the settings and mode buttons so you don’t have to turn it off manually every time.

All things considered, the Dimple robot puppy will be suitable for toddlers thanks to its fun and interactive features and incredible ease of use, making it one of the better robot dog toys for smaller children feature-wise.

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WEofferwhatYOUwant Electronic


The Robot Harry is a cute little dog that will play with your kids with enthusiasm and love! It is a small electronic puppy that can run, make funny sounds, and play a chasing game (though, the toy doesn’t run very fast). The color pattern of the electronic dog is a black and white dalmatian which combined with a painted dog face looks quite adorable as for a simple kids toy.

With its rather inventive Bump’n’Go feature, it will turn away and continue moving in a different direction after it has encountered an obstacle. The dog is responsive to touch through special sensors: if you pat its head, the puppy will sing songs and dance; if you touch its back, it will play chase with you; and if you touch the tail area, it will bark. What’s even more amusing is that when you touch its nose or pull its tail, it will show displeasure and say: “Who touched my nose?” and “You are pulling my tail!”. However, the toy doesn’t have any really sophisticated electronic features and won’t make any elaborate tricks beside the sound ques and a handful of simple moves.

The dog works on three AA batteries that are included in the box. The toy also has a female version that is called Helen so you can opt for them both to have a full set for your children.

In the end, this robot-dog will be appreciated by kids who are 2 years old and older. The material is non-toxic and BPA-free, so all mothers can be calm about their child’s safety and health.

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