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Best Rod Hockeys for a Fun and Challenging Game!

A rod hockey game embodies speed, timing, rhythm, concentration, hand-eye coordination, sportsmanship, and luck! It has all the main features of ice hockey but it’s much more intense and concentrated. You can fully immerse in the play with fast breaks, passing, shooting, and sudden-death overtime! Choose one of our best rod hockeys to get a great play experience!

Carrom Super Stick Hockey Table

Made of Extra-durable Material

A hockey table made from superior quality, durable and long-lasting components will last for years to come, even when used frequently. The Carrom Super Stick Hockey Table is finely constructed using the most durable materials to provide years of playing enjoyment. The cabinet is constructed of a thermal-fused black marble with melamine that provides high wear resistance, allowing you to play hundreds of games with your family and friends. The heavy black vinyl coated legs provide solid footing and protect the surface from scratches and dents during a rough play. The dome is made of durable plastic that is highly crack-resistant, so it won’t snap too easily. Also, it helps keep the playfield dust-free, as well as prevents spills from drinks. The plastic dome is easily removed for keeping the playing surface clean and maintained. The easy-to-move control rods are made of high strength solid fiberglass that enhances their strength and durability.

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ESPN Premium Dome Hockey Table

Rink-styled Table Game

Would you like to feel the atmosphere of a real hockey game? Then take a closer look at the ESPN Premium Dome Hockey Table! There are 12 players – the same number like in NHL tournaments. Each team has five players and one goalie on the ice. The players are controlled by chrome-plated metal rods with attached plastic hand grips that provide superior control and make every turn easier. This game is perfect for 2 or 4 players, so choose the team you like and start playing. Each player from both teams is hand painted in yellow or red uniforms. A smooth air powered playfield ensures ultimate speed and quick puck action during the play, making it more dynamic. What is more, the table has a dome made of a durable, shatter-resistant material that is absolutely safe even when the puck hits the dome at high speed. Besides, dome allows for a clear view of play action from any angle.

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Stiga NHL Stanley Cup Rod Hockey

Encourage Your Child’s Development!

In our world of modern technologies, it’s hard to surprise children with smartphones or tablets, considering that most of them play on them since the moment they are born. However, understanding the harm of mobile gadgets on children’s unformed and unstable yet mind, most parents look for alternatives. And the Stiga Cup Hockey can be considered the best one of them. This hockey game will keep your children amused and entertained for hours, providing a room for their imagination to unfold. The Stiga Cup Hockey is designed for kids from 3 years old and older. It involves several teams of players allowing your child to decide which of the team he or she would love to be a part of. Be aware, the table does contain tiny parts that might run a risk of your child swallowing something, hence, never leave your little one playing the game alone. In other respects, the table is pretty nice and safe for a child. The control rods respond smoothly, enabling little hands to move the players over the surface without too much effort. The manual goal counters on each end of the table will let your child keep track of the game, prompting him or her to make the right decisions.

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PLAYMOBIL NHL Hockey Arena Playset

A Small Hockey Arena

If you would like to place a table hockey in your child’s bedroom, you need to choose the best table size for your playing area. We recommend you to pay attention to the PLAYMOBIL NHL Hockey Arena Playset that has a compact design and can be placed on any game room table. There are only two players representing a different team so your child will be able to use both of his hands to control them. The game is recommended for children of 4 years old and up, thus, you can safely purchase it now and help your child’s early development. Made of durable plastic with small edges, this hockey game is convenient to store in a vertical position. Besides, one of the edges can be removed to allow an ice resurfacing machine to clean and the ice rink. It should be noted that PLAYMOBIL® produces various ice hockey accessories to add to your hockey set, including an electronic scoring unit, referees, hockey players in different uniforms, and other game-tactic stuff.

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Franklin Rod Hockey Pro

A Simple Playfield Construction

The Franklin Rod Hockey Pro has a simple playfield construction used by most table hockey manufacturers. It represents a smooth plastic playing surface with the players driven by helical cut gears on steel rods to provide smooth puck movement. You can order this set assembled or disassembled. In case you foresee yourself or child willing to take it to tournaments, do not overpay and assemble it yourself. It is very easy and won’t take you longer than several minutes. For kids’ safety, the manufacturer designed it with behind-the-net plexi-shield protectors that keep the puck from flying off the table and a Plexiglas enclosure. For added stability on the floor, the legs are reinforced with rubber suction cups and can be adjusted to level up the height you want. With easy-to-move control rods, the players can move not only in straight lines but also go behind the net as well as spin in a full circle so that they can pass, push, shoot, or stop the puck with a stick.

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