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Best Transformers Toys for Triumphant Battles

The idea of converting a robot into a car, truck, or tank in a few simple steps encourages and inspires dreamers of all ages. Mighty action figures, both hero​es and villains, from popular cartoons are admired by kids and adults alike. We are proud to present to your attention the 5 best transformer toys that will make your little ones bounce up and down with enthusiasm! Any model will make a perfect addition to your child’s or maybe your own collection!

Bumblebee Dark of the Moon Movie Leader Class

“Don’t Worry About the Size of the Blaster — Worry About the Sting!”

Bet you know whose motto is written above! Courageous, amusing, and appealing, Bumblebee is loved by ‘Transformers’ fans of all ages all over the world. As high as 8.75″ in robot mode (excluding doors), the toy features a detailed and elaborate design. It takes about 10 steps to convert it into a Chevrolet Camaro. However, transforming it into robot/car mode might turn out to be quite challenging and entertaining even for adults. In any case, both you and your kid will have a great time figuring out a sequence of steps for the first time. After a few tries, it won’t take long for Bumblebee to get ready for the race. When converted into a car, the toy is 7.13″ long and 2.25″ high (1:27 scale). The wheels, made of high-quality durable plastic, allow comfortable speeding in the heat of pursuit. This transformers dark of the moon toy will provide hours of engaging play.

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Megatron Generations Combiner Wars

“Peace Through Tyranny”

This figure is a must-have for any true ‘Transformers’ fan. Here he is, Megatron, the leader of Decepticons and old Optimus Pride and Bumblebee enemy. In a robot mode, the toy is about 9 inches tall; the design has been perfected to the finest details for maximum resemblance to its on-screen counterpart. Featuring metallic color with added red and black accents, the robot looks mighty and frightening. 3″ high in a vehicle mode, it is quite easy to operate. The tank rolls on threads and has a 360º rotating turret for shooting the target with the spring-loaded missile launcher which works as a tank gun in this mode. You can use the included stickers if you wish. However, the Transformers toy looks fantastic just as it is!

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Optimus Prime Generations Leader Powermaster

Powermaster Optimus Prime for Your Collection

It is time to present to your attention the key figure in transformers comics and cartoons. The toy was inspired by the original Powermaster Optimus Prime character. Thought-out to the finest detail, this model is second to none both in its robot and truck modes. The toy is made from non-toxic durable plastic. All wheels work smoothly to ensure comfy play. Thanks to its sophisticated design and the included weapons, no enemy will be able to stand against Optimus Prime! In addition, the robot’s head can be transformed into a little Autobot to help you win the battle.

Please note that it takes 21 steps to convert the toy, which can be quite a difficult task for young children. That is why this Optimus Prime toy is recommended for kids over 8 years of age. At first, it will take some time and effort, however, after a few repetitions, they will learn the sequence of steps. Playing with this wonderful toy, your little ones will improve their logic thinking and fine motor skills, get a boost to their imagination and creativity.

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Angry Birds Telepods Ultra Magnus Bird vs. SoundBlaster

Autobirds vs Deceptihogs. Who Will Win?

Rovio Entertainment, famous for its Angry Birds games series, jointly with Hasbro Gaming, has introduced Angry Birds Transformers line. It will be a great battle of the Autobirds against Deceptihogs, and it is up to you and your kid to decide who is going to win!

Both figures of the Angry Birds Telepods set are approximately 1-inch high. They are made of durable non-toxic plastic for long and enjoyable use. Both bird and pig figures will transform into a speedy racer mode with no difficulty. Designed for kids over 5 years old, the toy will catch the fancy of Angry Birds/Transformers fans of all ages. You can also buy a Bumblebee™ Bird, Optimus Prime™ Bird, and even the main villain Megatron™ Bird. You can find your favorite characters in this toy line or get all 19 figures to have a complete collection.

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Playskool Heroes Rescue Bots

For Younger Transformers Fans

The “Transformers” are so popular it would be hard to list all the comics printed and all the cartoons or films produced, not to mention related merchandise products. No wonder there’s such a huge selection of toys designed for their fans. For younger kids, we recommend this awesome transformer Rescue Bots toy. Your little ones will learn how to convert it into vehicle/robot mode without parent’s help, improving their fine motor skills and logic thinking. This 6″ toy will turn into a fire truck just like that!

There is a common fascination with heroic professions. Many kids dream of becoming a firefighter or policeman when they grow up. Thus, your young dreamer might be absolutely thrilled with this toy! To transform it back, just pull the ladder, and the Fire-Bot is ready to fight against Decepticons!

The toy is recommended for children of 3-5 years of age. However, it is an excellent choice for toy collectors of any age. You can choose between an eco-friendly frustration-free packaging and an eye-catching standard packaging.

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