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Best Tricopters for Fun and Pleasure

Tricopters are compact modern tools for outdoor footage and exploration that also offer you to have fun. We’ve checked features of numerous devices to pick the best 5 multipurpose tricopters for you to choose from.

FlyFly Hobby RC Tricopter

A Profound Solution for Experts

FlyFly Hobby is a manufacturer that makes only aircraft models and is also popular for their multirotor drones production. We want to highlight the FlyFly FF-Y001 model that attracts professionals with its looks and specs. First of all, let us point out that this model is considered pretty big, it makes 22 inches in length, 22.8 inches in width, and 4.9 inches in height. It also weighs a lot for such a device — 3.08 pounds. However, it doesn’t affect the mobility in any way. Looking similar to the Osprey convertiplane, this tricopter comes with awesome flight characteristics. Keep in mind that this particular model is mostly targeted at adults (18+ years).

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FeiYu Y6 Scorpion Tricopter ARF

For Those Who Love to Fly and Create

The FeiYu Y6 Scorpion tricopter is an unusual solution that lets you not only use but also thoroughly modify the construction. In short, this copter is a foundation for further construction and development. So, what do you get when buying a FeiYu Y6 Scorpion? First of all, this durable tricopter uses 6 engines, which makes two engines per axis. This technical solution delivers a strong lift, so you have options for a body kit or upgrades. In particular, you can pick a battery with higher capacity, which prolongs the flight duration. By the way, the standard battery (sold separately) lets FeiYu Y6 Scorpion fly for approximately 10 minutes, and higher-capacity batteries can increase it several times.

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Feel Like a Free Bird

Cheerson CX-33S is a tricopter that lets you fly right when you get it unpacked. This ready-to-go solution is not designed for any modifications but it has everything you need for the best impression and unforgettable recreation. Let’s take a look at what makes it so good. First of all, the 2-megapixel camera lets you take photos and film videos. A worthy mention is the FPV function which lets you see the live footage on a special screen on the remote controller. This camera offers you an opportunity to not only become a free bird but also pick the perfect angles for filming and feel all the advantages of the flight.

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Goolsky CX-33

A Simple and Convenient Solution to Access the Skies

Cherson CX-33 is a junior model by Goolsky designed for convenient and safe flights with a copter. It suits both beginner and professional pilots. The key feature here is the stabilizing system and height control implemented into the drone, which makes handling it convenient for a newbie since the drone’s behavior is easily predictable. The extra blade protection is provided by the special casing that comes with the package and keeps the blades safe. The manufacturer has provided a user-friendly handling system: there are literally just three buttons to take off, land, and switch the flight modes right in the air.

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