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Best Wooden Train Sets for Toddlers That Encourage Child’s Development

Kids learn about the outside world through play. So, what matters in selecting toys is how much knowledge and fun your child can derive. A wooden train set is the most beneficial toy in terms of child’s development that also can bring a lot of joy. Our review will help make your choice!

KidKraft Waterfall Mountain Train Set and Table

Everything You Need is on the Table

Every parent would love his/her kid to have a separate play area. Toys all around the house eventually can piss anyone off. This won’t be the case if you get this train set from KidKraft. It comes packed with a big wooden table where your kid would be able to store all pieces together away instead of scattering them on the floor. The height of the table isn’t too big and is suitable for kids of about 3 years of age. The manufacturer doesn’t recommend buying it for younger children since the set contains many tiny pieces that can be swallowed. For all the rest, it’s got everything you’d expect from a quality train set. The pieces from the set can be put together to build a real city, so you can give your child full freedom and see what he/she’d do about it. We’re more than sure your little one will be attracted to the game and spend hours at the table. The set is really fun and you’re likely to join your kids in play. The KidKraft train set is so colorful and diverse, you both will find playing with it a fascinating pastime.

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Brio Cargo Railway Deluxe Set

The Box of Wonders

Most parents would agree that keeping home in order isn’t easily done when little kids mess around and when there’s not much space for storing their toys. Still, this isn’t a reason not to consider buying a train set. The Brio Cargo Railway deluxe set won’t take much space but will help teach your kid to keep things organized. The set contains several biggish pieces that can be arranged in many different formations. Here, besides a train itself, you’ll also find some nice trucks and buses with flashing headlights, a bridge, a police car, etc. Comparing to other train sets, this set is rather basic, but it may be the only option for a lot of people who don’t want to buy a huge thing yet would like to indulge their kids’ desires a bit. The set comes with a sturdy plastic box where you’d find it easy to hide away all pieces, carriages, rails after play. Or you can teach your child to do so, playing together and learning to right a room.

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Melissa & Doug Deluxe Wooden Railway Set

Turn Your and Your Kid’s Fantasy Into Reality

When choosing toys for children, parents often ponder about for how long they will be playing with these toys. Meanwhile, children don’t always share their parents’ excitement about the same toys. When it comes to the Melissa & Doug Deluxe wooden railway set, however, you both will love it at the first sight! The set includes dozens of track pieces that set it apart from many other models of train sets. Using an easy-to-follow instruction, your child will be able to build 4 various track formations with straights and curves, climbs and descends, creating new layouts each time. Besides main parts, there are 30 other accessories – trees, workers, trains, trucks, a magnetic crane, etc., so that your child could transport imaginary passengers, ship cargo and load off carriages. You can find a similar farm animal wooden train set with colorful cows and horses on it. The Melissa & Doug Deluxe wooden railway set is one of the toys that can unleash your child’s potential and contribute to his/her creativity.

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Orbrium Toys Triple-Loop Wooden Train Set

Creative Approach

Actually, the Orbrium Toys Triple-Loop wooden train set is quite similar to other sets on our shortlist as they are compatible with other railway systems. The manufacturer offers a high-quality set with versatile track pieces. The bright-colored set allows your child to imitate various real-life situations, develop imagination, fine motor skills, and visual perception. The materials used in manufacturing the set are completely safe and conform to certification requirements. Add the Orbrium Toys Unpainted Wooden Train Cars to your child’s train set collection (sold separately), coloring them with painting markers or buy the Orbrium Toys 8 Unpainted Train Cars for Wooden Railway with colors paint and brushes, so your little one can create his/her own fancy toys, learn and recognize colors, and have a lot of fun in general! What could be more enjoyable than learning and playing together with your little one!

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IKEA Basic Train Set

For a Start

Actually, wooden train sets are very popular among children and adults. Doubt that your child will love playing with it? Give it a try and buy a small, basic set from Ikea to see what your little one thinks about building tracks and running trains. Despite being rather small in size, the set is still complete and contains all main parts required for play. Like more expensive rivals, this railway station is compatible with many other railways systems from different brands, which means you can start with little and then expand the functionality of the toy with more pieces and rails, making it a much more exciting set to play with.

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